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here you go... i gotta upload the newest one tomorrow but the code doesnt really change....
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Doh, it could be because your file is using Flash 7, Actionscript 2.0. Sorry can't help ya. I'm strictly AS3
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throw a trace() in there
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I'm a little wary of how you're removing movieClips:

Try this:
ActionScript Code:
trace("line1"); _root.createEmptyMovieClip("identifier", this.getDepth()); trace("line2"); identifier.removeMovieClip();

You will notice that the "line2" trace is never executed, so neither is the identifier.removeMovieClip() and you will end up with a whole bunch of empty movieclips before too long. And that will bog you down.

I can't quickly explain what I would have done to remove that, because I would have structured the whole program differently, and would have had an array of asteroids, an array of lasers, etc. And then I'd loop through those arrays when I decide which ones need to be deleted. And like Fitz, I do games in AS3 now, so I don't remember if there's any getMovieClipAtDepth or something in AS2.
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thx for the help, i think i fixed that i got another object that removes the 'identifiers" now

	nam = _root.identifier;
	if (nam<>"undefined") {
still laggy tho... does anybody else have ideas? btw here is my newest version.

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