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Default make circle appear on mouse click


I'm trying to make a simple 'spot the difference' game and would like a red circle (on its own layer in the attached fla) to appear around a specified area of the picture when the (invisble) button is clicked.

What is the action to make this happen? Also, is it possible to prevent the cursor from becoming a hand when hovering over the button, so the user must click on it in order to find out where it is?

Many thanks for help in advance

[Couldn't attach fla - it's here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0LNQD3FU]
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-Not Solved-

Hello Noobug

I am also new to ActionScripting myself, but just to make it easier for the 'experts' to be able to understand you, I have the following queries:

Just to clarify. You want to disable the mouse 'hand' if the mouse literally roll(s)Over the 'button', yes? If this is so, then I am guessing a Variable to be added in the ActionScript timeline.

would like a red circle (on its own layer in the attached fla) to appear around a specified area of the picture
Masking technique should satisfy this desire of yours (if I have understood you right).
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This should help you out a bit:

ActionScript Code:
package {     import flash.display.*;     import flash.events.*;         [SWF(backgroundColor="0x000000",width="500",height="100")]     public class FlashTest extends Sprite {                 private var buttonOne:Sprite = new Sprite();         private var buttonTwo:Sprite = new Sprite();         private var radius:int = 50;         private var buttonSpacing:int = 200;                 public function FlashTest(colorOne:uint=0x330044,colorTwo:uint=0x660066) {                         buttonOne.graphics.beginFill(colorOne);             buttonOne.graphics.drawCircle(60,0,radius);             buttonOne.graphics.endFill();             buttonOne.visible = false;             addChild(buttonOne);                         buttonTwo.graphics.beginFill(colorTwo);             buttonTwo.graphics.drawCircle(0,0,radius);             buttonTwo.graphics.endFill();             buttonTwo.x+= buttonSpacing;             addChild(buttonTwo);                         buttonOne.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, oneClicked)             buttonTwo.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, twoClicked);         }                 private function oneClicked(e:MouseEvent):void {                         buttonOne.visible = false;         }                 private function twoClicked(e:MouseEvent):void {                         buttonOne.visible = true;         }     } }
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Hi guys,

Many thanks for your help... Unfortunately I don't really understand your advice! Sorry, but I really am new to this!

What exactly does the below code do and where is it supposed to go? I presume it will disable the hand, so tried putting it on the button and ended up with lots of errors...

Just to clarify: what I really want to do is

a) for circles to appear on designated places [around the differences in a spot the difference game] when buttons are clicked - this is most important for me


b) if possible, for the cursor to remain a cursor, not turn into a hand, but for the user to still be able to click the button - although this might not be possible.

I really appreciate the help - sorry it's taking me so long to understand!!
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Default I hope this helps

Click on your invisible button (assuming you already made it) and right click it and edit. In the frame panel you can put a couple key frames there and label them _up and _over.

On your _over frame you can have your red circle appear or play depending on if its just a graphic or animated clip - I'm not sure which one you have. You can also just do a quick visible = true/false

I know that the adobe website has a couple of tutorials on this, you could go and search button tutorials if you want to have a look.
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Thanks a lot Chichi... but I'm still struggling!

If I put the red circle in the button itself, ie place it on the 'down' state, how do I make it actually come up and stay on the stage? Do I need to put in some code?

I have attached a simple fla exaplining what I'm trying to achieve... So that when you click the button, the red circle (currently on the stage on its own layer) will appear and stay... I have made it into a movie clip but don't know what else I should do.

Again any help much much appreciated and sorry to keep asking on such a simple matter
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