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Default problems loading external data

I've got two problems.. Please bear with me as it's kind of my first time using flash... ^.^;
1. I need to load some text from an external txt file, but it doesn't seem to work quite right.
In a test (this is for a project, and since it's inundated with things I've been using test files before trying code in the main file), I've set up a dynamic text box, multiline, named it 'vampinfo'. Then I wrote this action script, put it on the stage, and it says this:
loadVariables("vamp_info.txt", vampinfo, "GET");
Obviously supposed to read in info from the file 'vamp_info.txt'.
I also set the text box to have a black border.
When I test the movie, the black border flashes quickly, but no text ever shows up, and the output gives me this:
Error opening URL "file:///G|/vamp_info.txt?my%5Fmcl=%5Bobject+Object%5D"
each time it loops the movie. I'm not sure if it's having problems because of code, or if it's having problems reading from my flash drive. It's a small movie, so I haven't had to send it to the desktop to work from it, like the main project. But then again, it didn't work when altered for the project and that was all on the main drive...
On the other hand, might it be because i haven't figured out how to pull out the information...? I mean, in the next example for this, since it's a movie clip, it's got lines like these: artist = artistdatamc.artist1
since the text file has lines like &artist1=Yaddda Yadda Yadda. The Vamp. text has a &name= lsjfldskj line...
Also, if a file is in another folder, how do you write the path for that...? ^.^;;; (deeply embarrassed) The project has most of the text files ordered into different folders for organisation, so... (the files referenced so far are all in the root, of course. :P But for later...)

Oh, also, we (it's a group project) asked another professor for help, and while she suggested using this:
_root.createEmptyMovieClip("artistdatamc", _root.getNextHighestDepth());
loadVariables("data2.txt", artistdatamc);

artist = artistdatamc.artist1
artist = artistdatamc.artist2
artist = artistdatamc.artist3
artist = artistdatamc.artist4

But that hasn't worked in the main project, either.

2. The other item I'm having trouble with is getting an external swf to load into a movie clip. There will be a little scrolling line of thumbnails, but they're different based on which section you're in, so yeah.
We tried this, but of course, it didn't seem to do anything:
createClassObject(mx.controls.Loader, "loader", 5);
loader.contentPath = "screenslider_interactive.swf";

Thanks in advance, and sorry for these probably being pretty elementary, or something. Just got stuck being 'lead programmer' for the group before they decided what language to use... ^.^;;;
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Default hi

Here is an earlier post showing how to load your data from a text files using LoadVars();


Hope it helps

Also please make sure you end each var pair in the text file with &

i.e text file containing URL to external swf or text file


hope it helps

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