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Question simple startDrag() referencing problem?

Ok, this is simple stuff, I'm pretty sure I'm just being a complete nonce here but I just cant work it out....

Pretty simple, I have a function that's called from one point in the movie (I put a trace in this function so it is being called correctly). This function amongst other thing contains a startDrag() for a button. This button, when you click it, is what calls the function and also is the button that I want to make draggable.

The setup is like this:

_root -> MC1 -> MC2 -> button

So _root has in it MC1 which has in it MC2 which in turn has in it the button. the function code is on the _root timeline, and is called when you click the button and the button is also the subject of the startDrag() content of the function.

I use a with() command in the function to save a bit of code, in this case:


The startDrag() command in this with command this is then set like this:

button.startDrag(false, var, ious, para, meters);

Pretty straightforward huh? The problem is the button just wont drag! I cannot for the life of me work out why, its starting to drive me round the bend! I have also tried the old way of referencing:

startDrag("button", false, var, ious, para, meters); and also
startDrag(button, false, var, ious, para, meters);

I have also traced the boundary parameters to make sure they are right and even taken them away completely to no affect. My conclusion is I must be referencing the button incorrectly, but to me the code all looks good, can anyone else spot anything?
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this is gonna be one of those posts that no-one answers to isnt it?
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You cannot drag the button itself. Instead you need to drag the movieclip that contains the button.

So in your example you should be dragging mc2. Which would look like:
ActionScript Code:
mc1.mc2.btn.onPress = function() {  this._parent.startDrag();//drags the mc2 movieclip }
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I also thought that was the case, but actually you can drag a button. Anyhow, tried that already and it hasnt didnt work. Ended up by moving the functions onto the actual movies/buttons they are called from and got it working that way. Still dont know what the issue was but its working now anyway.
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