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Default Dynamic text / HTML text and a less than symbol (<)

I have a dynamic text box into which I am loading text from a database. The text is input into the database via an html based backend that lets a client write a simple email type note, with basic (flash htmltext supported) formating such as bold, italics etc.

All of this works fine.

My problem arises when someone enters a less than symbol ... < ... into their text. The dynamic textbox interprets that < as the start of an html tag and the text stops displaying at that point. I can get around it by converting the < to %3c and having the text go into the dynamic text field's .text variable but that breaks the htmlformatting, so it needs to go into mytextfield.htmltext... problem being when I do that is that the pure < breaks the text string as mentioned above, or if it's converted to %3c.. it shows as %3c, not as a < symbol. Yes, it's a bit confusing.

How can I have a less than symbol appear when entered, yet still retain the html formatting for the dynamic text field?

Thanks for any input.


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Nevermind, it's fixed.

Converting less than symbols with a space after it "< " to "& l t ;" (without the quotes and spaces of course) will properly render < in Flash without breaking the html formating.


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Or in fact... %26lt;
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