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Default Flex 2 (AS3) -- Setting Transitions Programatically?

Hello All,

I've spent the past couple of days trying to set up a sample with Title Windows, pop-up manager, view states and transitions in Flex 2 -- but I'm really having troubles with the Programatic Transitions.

I am popping up 5 title windows -- four little ones on the left, one big one on the right.

When the user shift-clicks on any of the title windows on the left, that window becomes the big window on the right and the windows on the left reposition themselves accordingly.

I've got the code working for popping up the windows, creating the view states and switching between the states. The trouble I am having is with setting the transitions programatically. If I use the MXML to set the transitions, it works fine. I just can't seem to get the Actionscript equivalent working properly.

Anyone have any ideas about how I can get this off the ground?

Thanks in advance!

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" width="100%"
			import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;

			import mx.containers.TitleWindow;
			import mx.effects.Move;

			import mx.managers.PopUpManager;

			import mx.states.SetProperty;
			import mx.states.State;
			import mx.states.Transition;						
			public var _NUMWINS:Number = 5;
			public var windowArray:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();
			onInit -- I am creating five instances of a pop-up title
			window using the popup manager.  The structure is a column
			of 4 small windows on the left and one large window on the
			When all of the windows have been created, I am calling 
                        addStates to add view states.
			public function onInit():void
				var title:TitleWindow;
				for(var i:Number=1; i<=_NUMWINS; i++)
					title = new TitleWindow();
                                        title.name = "to_state"+i.toString();	
					title.id = "to_state"+i.toString();					
					title.title = "Title " + i.toString();
					title.showCloseButton = true;
					title.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, setState);
					if(i != _NUMWINS)
						title.x = 50;
						title.y = 50 + ((i-1)*110);
						title.height = 100;
						title.width = 200;
						title.x = 260;
						title.y = 50;
						title.height = 430;
						title.width = 500;
					PopUpManager.addPopUp(title, mainCanvas);	
			addStates -- this function creates FIVE different view states
			based on which title window will be the "BIG" window on the
			right hand side.
			state1 - window1 (id="to_state1") is the big window
			state2 - window2 (id="to_state2") is the big window		
			state_[_NUMWINS] - window[_NUMWINS] (id="to_state[_NUMWINS]) is the big window

			When all of the states have been added, I call the addTransitions
			public function addStates():void
				var state:State;
				var setXProperty:SetProperty;
				var setYProperty:SetProperty;			
				var setZProperty:SetProperty;	
				var setHeightProperty:SetProperty;
				var setWidthProperty:SetProperty;								
				var positionIndex:Number;

				// create the five states
				for(var i:Number=1; i<=_NUMWINS; i++)
					state = new State();
					state.name ="state"+i.toString();
					positionIndex = 0;
					// position every window within that state
					for(var j:Number=1; j<=_NUMWINS; j++)
						setXProperty = new SetProperty();
						setXProperty.target = windowArray.getItemAt(j-1);
						setXProperty.name = "x";

						setYProperty = new SetProperty();
						setYProperty.target = windowArray.getItemAt(j-1);
						setYProperty.name = "y";

						setHeightProperty = new SetProperty();
						setHeightProperty.target = windowArray.getItemAt(j-1);
						setHeightProperty.name = "height";

						setWidthProperty = new SetProperty();
						setWidthProperty.target = windowArray.getItemAt(j-1);
						setWidthProperty.name = "width";
						// if i=j, then this is the BIG window position
						if(i == j)
							setXProperty.value = 260;
							setYProperty.value = 50;
							setHeightProperty.value = 430;
							setWidthProperty.value = 500;		

							setXProperty.value = 50;
							setYProperty.value = 50 + ((positionIndex)*110);
							setHeightProperty.value = 100;
							setWidthProperty.value = 200;												

						// push all of the overrides into the state array
					// push the state onto the states array
				// Add the Transitions
			addTransitions is supposed to add the transition via code
			public function addTransitions():void
				var transition:Transition = new Transition();			
				var move:Move = new Move();

				move.targets = [windowArray.getItemAt(0),windowArray.getItemAt(1)];
				transition.fromState = "*";
				transition.toState = "*";
				transition.effect = move;				
			Called when any of the title windows get the CLICK event
			Sets the state if it is a SHIFT+CLICK			
			public function setState(event:MouseEvent):void
					var tmpStr:String = event.currentTarget.name;
					currentState=tmpStr.slice(3, tmpStr.length);
	<mx:Canvas id="mainCanvas" width="100%" height="100%" />

	This is the MXML that I am trying to replicate in code via
	the addTransitions function.  If using the MXML variant, it works
	perfectly (despite the fact that Flex throws warnings about my binding.
	When using the addTransitions function, it doesn't work at all.

        <mx:Transition id="myTransition" fromState="*" toState="*">
            <mx:Move id="myMove" duration="400" targets="{[windowArray.getItemAt(0),windowArray.getItemAt(1)]}"/>


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While cleaning up the code before posting, I inadvertantly omitted the following line after instantiating the title window ::

title.name = "to_state"+i.toString();

If you tried to run the code at all, it would have thrown an error without that line. I added it in to the code sample above.

Sorry for the confusion on that point.

But the programatic transition error remains.
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Wink Re: Flex 2 -- Setting Transitions Programatically?

Just come across the same problem and jump here by google, post my solution for others' reference though it's long way from the original post...

Just add a line of code at the end of addTransitions()

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