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Default Flash Media Server 2... trying to stream a simple video

Hello folks,

This is my first attempt to do anything with Flash Media Server, so please bear with me. I have a simple avi that I want to convert to FLV and then stream the video to a SWF... this is a research project for work, and Im not really having much luck doing even the simplest of streaming, even tho Ive read the documentation and set up the developer version of FMS2... maybe you can help me figure out where Ive gone wrong...

1. I installed Flash Media Server 2 Developer Edition on my local machine.

2. Started both FMS Admin Server and FMS Server. (FMSMaster.exe and FMSAdmin.exe are both running, as shown by Task Manager. Created "TestApp" folder in c:/program files/Macromedia/Flash Media Server 2/applications/ - this is my Application.

3. New Flash Document. File::Import::Import Video. Clicked Browse, found my AVI video, clicked Next. Selected Stream from Flash Communication Server and click Next. Click Next to accept video. Next on Skins. So, now I have an FLVPlayback component on my stage. Which I test and it works. But this isnt what I need... I need this to stream from the server to my player. Onward I go.

4. I copy the FLV file to c:/program files/Macromedia/Flash Media Server 2/applications/TestApp/ and name the FLV "4dvideo1.flv".

5. From the documentation, I see that I need a video component to make this work.. so Im going to start from scratch with the FLA and create a new Flash Document thats 320x240. Create a New Video in my library and call it Video Player. I drag an instance of this video component to the stage, name it "myVideo" make it 320x240 at x=0 and y=0. I paste the following code in Frame 1:

var my_nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
var my_ns:NetStream = new NetStream(my_nc);
my_ns.play("4dvideo1"); // Ive tried this with and without the .flv - no diff
I CTRL+ENTER to test my movie and I get nothing but white. I check the FMS2_Console and see I active instance of TestApp called "_definst_". The Clients tab shows the detail of the connection with 0 drops, and Streams tab shows 2 entries one for the NetStream and named "4dvideo1" with a type of "Live" Performance tab does show a small increase... Nothing shows in Live Log tab or Shared Objects tab.

I cant for the life of me figure this out.. Ive had another developer look at it as well, and he cant figure it out either.

Are we missing something?

Thanks in advance for the help and I apologize for the lengthy post.

Edit: One more thing.. if i change the URI for the Application to null, the video works... Im just so confused at this point.

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Default ok, i got it working... question...

OK, I got the video stream to work correctly by moving the FLV files from applications/TestApps/ to applications/TestApps/streams/_definst_/

Is this the normal procedure for placing FLV files into the file system of the Media Server? I just want to make sure my methods are correct.
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Default I am only getting the sound.

So i was wondering why u locate the file on your c:\

i tried out your example and i just got a video and two sound tracks running.

so in the properties section i changed the adress to


and it cant locate the file.

so i either leave it blank or leave the rtmp address in.

and then i get sound playing but no video.
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Originally Posted by springframework
So i was wondering why u locate the file on your c:\
because thats the location of the application folder for the Media server,
where else would I put the file?
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