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Default complicated problem

all suggestions welcome.
I have a sticky situation,
I have a site based around a bunch of Classes, I use them as templates - they each load their own type of content based on xml data.
All of these classes are associated with the MovieClip Object, using
// "Video" as example
VideoContentClass.prototype = new MovieClip();
So a few of these classes use createEmptyMovieClip() to create "holders" that I load dynamic .jpg's into.
My problem is this:
A couple of my Classes use the FUIComboBox component.
They use an attachMovie() to both create an instance, and populate it dynamically.
Say I use my menu to select and load one of the classes that uses the combobox. When I switch back to a class that loads a dynamic image it fails to find it's target movieclip - Flash returns a "target not found" error.

This only happens after switching back from a class that uses the combobox.
If I comment out (and therefore don't attach) a combobox, it all works perfectly.
Whats more, if I put a trace directly in between the createEmptyMovieClip() (to create a holder) call and the loadMovie() (to load the .jpg) call
The movieclip instance is definitely there.
It has been created correctly, but I still get a "target not found" error.

Again this only happens when the combobox is a factor.

What to do?????

I can post full code if anyone wants to see it, I didn't see the point, as I have tested and retested, it IS the combobox that is causing it.
If you've seen the code in that component and all of its subclasses, you'll know what a big bugfix that would be.

I'm really stuck on this, any help is muchly appreciated.
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I have a slightly related problem with comboBox. When I attach a movie clip that has a comboBox in it the comboBox methods don't work. If the same clip is already places on screen it seems ok but attaching it seems to break it. Maybe there is some kind of inheritance issue with the classes.

Did you figure anything out?
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