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Default Flex 2 Component communication

Hi I am having trouble in my Flex 2 application in terms of calling a function of a component from another component etc….

I have in my main MXML file an “ApplicationControlBar” containing a “LinkBar” that is populated by a “ViewStack” as shown:

<mx:Application xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" xmlns:comps="components.*" layout="vertical">

<mx:ApplicationControlBar id="acb" dock="true">
<mx:LinkBar id="menu_lb" dataProvider="menu_vs"/>

<mx:ViewStack id="menu_vs" resizeToContent="true" width="100%">
<comps:homePage id="home_page" label="Home Page"/>
<comps:menu1 id="menu_1" label="Menu 1"/>
<comps:menu2 id="menu_2" label="Menu 2"/>
<comps:menu3 id="menu_3" label="Menu 3"/>


I want to have a Button that is within the “homepage” component which when is “clicked” calls a function (testFunc() etc) that is in the “menu1” component…

If the button was within the main MXML application file (as shown above) I could add the button which works fine and how is expected:

<mx:Button label=”go to menu1” click=”menu_1.testFunc()”/>

Although if I put this button in the “homePage” component then I get the error:

1120: Access of undefined property menu_1

as it is not defined within this component etc….

is there a way of communicating to the route application file to get this to work… e.g. I have tried things such as:

click=”parentDocument.menu_vs.menu_1.testFunc()” etc…….

but have had no joy

Can anyone tell me how to get my button click to navigate to / run the testFunc() within a different component in the viewStack……

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I think this might have been answered here
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