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Default Dispatching custom event to multiple objects.

Hello to everyone on this my first post to this list.

I have been reading through many posts in here related to the EventDispatcher class and I have to admit that I am more confused now, may be for the different ways of using this class.

Let me explain what I am trying to achieve.

The idea is simple, maybe the solution as well, I would like to broadcast a custom event and having a few objects to catch that event and response in different ways.

I have been following Patrick Mineault tutorial on Using EventDispatcher, on it an instance of a class is able to fire an event that the same instance will catch an deal with it.

But what I want to achieve is a bit different, I want that instance of the class to fire an event and having instances of different classes responding to that event.

So this is my question, how can I make different objects to register for the same custom event.

So far, if I implement Patrick's solution, I cannot have a second instance of the Timer class listening to the 'timeout' event dispatched for the first instance.

My idea was that a broadcasted event will be listened for everyone and only those registered to deal with it will catch it and deal with it.

Thank you for any help you can give.
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