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old flash newbie
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Default AS1 to AS2

I 'd like to change an application written in AS1 to AS2, but as far as I can see there is nothing which is definitively AS1 syntax in the following (just a part of the whole) Code.

PHP Code:
current_x = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];
current_y = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];
current_xscale = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];
current_yscale = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];

final_x = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];
final_y = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];
final_xscale = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];
final_yscale = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];

radius_x = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];
radius_y = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];
radius_xscale = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];
radius_yscale = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];

offset_x = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];
offset_y = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];
offset_xscale = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];
offset_yscale = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];

speed = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];
angle = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];

finish_script = [new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array(),new Array()];

counter 1;
for (
1j<=_parent.total_yj++) {
    for (
1i<=_parent.total_xi++) {        
current_x[i][j]      = _parent["square_mask_" counter]._x;
current_y[i][j]      = _parent["square_mask_" counter]._y;
current_xscale[i][j] = _parent["square_mask_" counter]._xscale;
current_yscale[i][j] = _parent["square_mask_" counter]._yscale;
increment_x _parent[_parent.picture]._width/4;
increment_y _parent[_parent.picture]._height/4;
final_x[i][j]      = i*increment_x increment_x _parent[_parent.picture]._x;
final_y[i][j]      = j*increment_y increment_y _parent[_parent.picture]._y
[i][j] = increment_x;
final_yscale[i][j] = increment_y;
radius_x[i][j] = (final_x[i][j] - current_x[i][j])/2;
radius_y[i][j] = (final_y[i][j] - current_y[i][j])/2;
radius_xscale[i][j] = (final_xscale[i][j] - current_xscale[i][j])/2;
radius_yscale[i][j] = (final_yscale[i][j] - current_yscale[i][j])/2;
offset_x[i][j] = current_x[i][j] + radius_x[i][j];
offset_y[i][j] = current_y[i][j] + radius_y[i][j];
offset_xscale[i][j] = current_xscale[i][j] + radius_xscale[i][j];
offset_yscale[i][j] = current_yscale[i][j] + radius_yscale[i][j];
speed[i][j] =((4*4)+(4*4)) -((i*4)+(j*4)) + 6;
angle[i][j] = speed[i][j];
finish_script[i][j] = "running"
    if (
this._parent.sizer == "small") {
this._parent.big_picture_button._visible false;
    } else if (
this._parent.sizer == "big") {
this._parent.big_picture_button._visible true;
So why the Script does not work anymore, published for the FPlayer7 and AS2?

Some suggestions about?

You can have a look at the application(it is from www.uncontrol.com) in my link -work.in.progress- in my signature, it's the 4. menu-item(GESTALTER).

Thanks in advance.

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old flash newbie
Join Date: Dec 2004
Location: Switzerland
Posts: 130

I wrote the whole Code in AS2, but still it doesn't work.
For those who are interested in helping -here- is the original .fla.

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