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Default decimal places

is there any way I can make a field that is calculated from two other fields only have a certain amount of decimal places
it could either chop of at 2 decimal places or round it to 2 decimal places
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please search
what the hell was i thinking?
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Here is my script.

on (release) {
_root.valp = Number(_root.init)*Number(_root.shar);
valp *= 100;
valp = Math.round(valp);
valp = valp/100;
_root.pric = Number(_root.late)*Number(_root.shar)-Number(_root.init)*Number(_root.shar);
pric *= 100;
pric = Math.round(pric);
pric = pric/100;
_root.valn = Number(_root.late)*Number(_root.shar);
valn *= 100;
valn = Math.round(valn);
valn = valn/100;

Here are the problems.

When the hundreths place is 0, for example if the program calculates this number 8.404 it will display 8.4 I need it to display 8.40.

Also if the number is 8.405 or anything like that it doesn't round it to 8.41 it leaves it as 8.40 or in this case 8.4.

How do I fix both of these problems. Is there anyway to streamline the script I have now or is it fine?
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could this script be incorporated someway so that all calculated numbers round to 2 decimal places

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Flash will not retain zeros after the last significant digit. Otherwise 1 would be 1.00000000... If you want to display the zero at the end you can use Robert's script but that returns a string so you have to remember to convert the result to a number before trying to do any more mathematical operations with it:
ActionScript Code:
var1 = 123.24; var2 = 345.56; display = Math.formatDecimals(var1+var2, 2); var3 = Number(display); trace (display); trace (var3);
Here you can use var3 for math operations (like addition, subtraction, etc) but you can't use display, as it is a string, for display purposes only.

Jesse Stratford
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Please don't email or PM me Flash questions, that's what the Forums are for!

Please don't rely on me reading my PMs either. Email me about important stuff.
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