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Default Rate My Game, plz fill the questioner

I made a flash game,and need questioner result for this game
my game need minimum flash player 6,and is designed for PDA

please fill the questioner:

1.What is your judgement about the interactivity?
a.very good b.good c.standard d.less e.bad

2.The Control of the game ?
a.very good b.good c.standard d.less e.bad

3.Concept of the game
a.very good b.good c.standard d.less e.bad

4.menu design and interface
a.very good b.good c.standard d.less e.bad

5.Character design
a.very good b.good c.standard d.less e.bad

a.very good b.good c.standard d.less e.bad

7.Level Of dificulty
a.hard b.normal c.easy

8.Overall Judgement
a.very good b.good c.standard d.less e.bad

how to play:
Main Game: just Like zelda, you can interact by making a collision with an NPC,and can do conversation, after collision,move away from the NPC,or the conversation is repeated over and over again, use space bar to read all the conversation,there are 3 npc that gives quest, there are quest 4 and 5 ,you can acsess quest 4 and 5 after collecting 25000 gold
The mini game (quest):
1.apple catch : catching apple using up and down button,the apple must go in the basket to gain points,if the apple is touching the ground ,resulting in point deduction
2.boar hunting:shooting boar,which come ONLY from left or right,using space bar,the boar from the upper screen cannot be shot, and if character do a collision with the boar, point deduction
3.crow hunting:use the mouse / PDA pen, just left click/ touch the screen
4.horse riding: you must pass 100 rock to finish the game, using 4 direction button
5.platform game:using 4 direction button,and space bar to jump,climb stairs,etc,get the item to end the game

the game still have a lot of bug, need comment and suggestion
its my first game

for the design char , interface, music,and sound,I use other people works,sorry I don't have time to credit them,I made this game for an assignment in my university,and I need to make a report on this tomorow,I have to give the report and game on monday.need about 30 people fiiling the questioner
please be gentle with the comment and questioner answer
and I also need your occupation ,for ex : student/college student ( if possible,the name of the university), etc

thanks a lot to Tonypa,I copied a lot of his tutor code to make the platform game and the main game,and thanks for everyone who give solution to my problem

I also still having a problem with the platform game, the game with the most bug
you can see the code here:

if someone could help me,that would be a great help

need help on the collision,so the conversation is not repeated over and over again
I also need help to make a quest involving inventory
so I want to do trading items, first I have a bottle,if I talk to a particular NPC,he/she will trade an item,and my bottle is gone
I'm confused because I tought that if I play a mini game, my bottle is back again,and the item I get from trade is gone,need help on that if possible

thx a lot

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