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Unhappy basic actionscript on(release)

basically i'm retarded, and this is probably really simple.

i'm making a photo gallery.. and each picture slides on and off the screen. so i have movies with each photo that slide on (stop) slide off (stop).

so in scene 1, frame 1, "movie_01" starts, then i need it so when you click the next button it slides off.. then goes to frame 2 of scene 1.

the two on(release)'s work fine on their own.. but i don't know how to say after going to *this* do *that*

on (release) {
on (release) {
all help is appreciated!
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Well, the easiest way would probably be to define a function and a variable on the main timeline that you can call and update from elsewhere. So, something like:
ActionScript Code:
//I always put a pointer to my main timeline: var myroot:MovieClip = this; var currentPhoto:Number = 1; function goMain() {   currentPhoto += 1;   myroot.gotoAndPlay(currentPhoto); }

Then, what you do is in the last frame of your animation, write some code like this to call the correct function:
ActionScript Code:

does that make sense?
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What you have is saying "do this, then do that". The problem is that it is happening too fast. (Almost instantly)

What you need to do is delay one action till the other is done.
You could do this using time intervals or "if this is loaded" checks, or, you can do it really easily by putting the the command to start the second action on the final frame of the first.

You script the button to start the animation of movie1 moving offscreen.
You have a script on the final frame of movie1 that says, start movie 2.
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You can have multiple commands within one action.

ActionScript Code:
on (release) {     movie_01.gotoAndPlay(13);     gotoAndPlay(2); }

That will do it.
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