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Default send variable to php

I whant to send variable to php. I am new in php. So I have simple stupid question. Can I save variable in php file or I need to save it in .txt file as string. I don`t whant to save it on database.
I ask like this becouse tutorials I read has // Printing out the variables. from php ( but I whant to save) or
or save in text file like this
//Open a file in write mode
$fp = fopen("myText1.txt", "w");
if(fwrite($fp, $toSave)) echo "writing=Ok&";
else echo "writing=Error&"

but this code don`t work, error in line / fclose($fp); /

I know how to load variable to Flash but there is so few tutorials about send. and each of them are different.
In flash I whant to send a variable from _parent movie and then load variable in _root movie
I am trying to learn using flash and php without xml.
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//Open a file in write mode
$fp = fopen("myText1.txt", "w");
if(fwrite($fp, $toSave)) echo "writing=Ok&";
else echo "writing=Error&"
I'm not the most adept at PHP, but I think it's supposed to look like this:
PHP Code:
//Open a file in write mode
$fp fopen("myText1.txt""w");
fwrite($fp$toSave)) {echo "writing=Ok&";}
else {echo 
You need the curly braces. Hope that helps!
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Thenk`s for help. Now looks like something works.
php code open a new windows with:

But I expect to see a status.text = "Submited data was saved" in flash.
btn.onPress = function(){
        SData.Title = Title.text
        SData.send("save.php", SData, "POST")
 SData = new LoadVars()
    SData.onLoad = function(){       
       if(this.writing=="Ok") {
            status.text = "Submited data was saved"
       } else(status.text = "Error in saving submitted data")
status.text area is empty. and also a text file myText1.txt is empty
In the same flash file function should load saved text, but it dosnt, :
poga.onPress = function () {
myData = new LoadVars();
myData.onLoad = function() {
Title.text = this.Title1;
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Default try this....

instead of send use sendandload
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