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Default Playing with Fuse


simple little buttons made with fuse kit
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I used to use Fuse... until I got a Mac. I haven't had time to download it yet. Anyway, that was pretty cool.
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Default have you had problems with fuse?

i've made some buttons for a site im working on.....and if you stay over them (that is the nav buttons) they stick? it's really annoying -- not asking anyone to fix my problems just interested to see has anyone else had similiar problems with it or is it just me?

here is a link to the site:- http://ijsr32.infj.ulst.ac.uk/~16733705/majorproject/


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Default fuse vs tweener

why is fuse better than tweener?
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tweener is based off MC Tween. Fuse is based off Penner Easing, Zigo Engine , MC Tween and more. Also it's very flexible and powerful. Check out the libraries here . Not only is a robust tween class its also has a sequencer class and filters class
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Fuse has one major function that the Tween class lacks. Fuse has the ability to define multiple movements and "push" them on the mc all at once. The tween class forces you to do each animation one after the other. Although you can write 10 Tweens in a row and they will all execute to appear to run together they actualy execute one after the other. (just trying to clear that up because I can see someone arguing that with me).

Also, Fuse Yay, Tween Boo.
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