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Default AMFPHP -> Data-Binding


I am a server-side guy for now. My development team HAS a Flash / Flex developer. I do PHP and manage the 'framework' for the site.

We are currently running with cairngorm for our Client Side architecture.
We use AMFPHP for our Remoting.

And I am trying to figure out how to provide server-side Data-Binding.

I know enough AS3 to be dangerous, not productive. I actually have seen Data-Binding used on the Client-Side and I think it's great. But then I hear about data-binding to server-sided objects and I wonder "How?"

Does anyone know what needs to be done to allow Flex / Flash to update on the Client-Side with stuff that happens Server-Side ( specifically database updates ).

I have heard terms like Socket Servers and such and I am wondering if I am needing to throw together a PHP Socket Server to keep a connection alive for streaming back and forth AMFPHP data... Can someone enlighten me? Or did I just use terminology that doesn't make sense...?
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Before anyone replies with something about "yeah, when flex pushes data to the server, the PHP returns data... that is data-binding"

I understand how AMFPHP works.

BUT it requires the Client-Side to SEND A REQUEST.
From what I understand, there is no way ( currently with OUR setup ) to push data to the Client-Side that wasn't requested from user-or-system commands.

So I am trying to find out what is needed to PUSH data to Flex when Flex hasn't already sent a request for it to the server...

( phew! words hard )
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You wont make it work with amfphp only (or any other remoting tech) Its like you would like to send something to browser, event if it never asked for it.

Socket servers are made for this purpose, you create tcp connection, and push all the needed data any direction you want (well, two of them ) Nothing more.
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