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Red face Riley's Diary- how to make...

how can i make those clippings inside her diary---->
(the ones at the back, eg eccletic coffee maker, aries horoscope)? how can i make them move smoothly to the front and to the back by just clicking them?

also i saw this .fla on how to make a book flip, the only thing that puzzled me is that i cant see the imageof the "book" from the layers inside, nor in the library. how did it happen? i would like to make the book a notebook so think i could perhaps change the image.


thanks to anyone who would reply. ^o^
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Def Gie
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I'm afraid I have no answers for the first bit. I have'nt the least idea how book on Yahoo operates in the first place, and no opportunity to analyze it and maybe get enough of an idea to give you some tips.

As far as the second bit, the very ingenuity of that is that the whole page, with the shadow effect etc., is generated by ActionScript with MovieClip drawing commands. If you want to change the appearance of the book, all you should have to do is make the pages look right, and the script will do the rest. e.g. make the cover page look like the cover of a book, and the pages inside like the pages of the same kind of book. There are unfortunately a few difficulties that may stop particulars from being functional. One of these is that if the cover is to be flipped, it must be a paperback book. Another is that if you want a spiral bound notebook, the binding would get messed up. You'd have to read into the code enough to figure out how to create a gap, which I think would be a fairly simple modification. It appears though that you want (or are considering) to transfer what you have, which entails neither a flipping hardcover nor a binding that show between the pages, to the effect in discussion. This should give you know problems. The only thing, I think, that you will want to note is that you should make the cover that is visible behind the pages as a separate image on a layer behind the flipping pages, or else it will behave as a paper part of the page being flipped. Likewise your leftmost page, that doesn't get flipped, should be in the background, and not be print1, or else it will be flippable to some kind of weird emptiness, or maybe just the inside front cover.

I hope I have managed to be at least a little bit helpful. Good luck.
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