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Default dynamic text, html, css and embeded fonts


This is what I'd like to do:
Use an embedded font in my dynamic text box.
Load the content for this text box from an html file.
Use a stylesheet to control the styling of that text box -- for underlines and bolds.. ect.

Now that I've said -- it doesn't sound like it's possible. Or is there another approach for styling content that uses an embedded font?

Thanks very much.
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Smile this might help

I've leaned to do this with xml data but not with html. I figure this should work for what you are trying to accomplish

in youf flash file
1) take a textArea component and drop it on the stage and then convert it to a mc.

2) go into that movie add a layer label it actions. and give the textArea an instance like mytext_mc or something like that.

3) on your action layer paste this code.

//int Textarea commponent
mytext_mc.html= true;
mytext_mc.wordWrap = true;
mytext_mc.multiline = true;
mytext_mc.label.condenseWhite = true;
//load css
inspire = new TextField.StyleSheet();
mytext_mc.styleSheet = inspire;

//load in XML
inspireContent = new XML();
inspireContent.ignoreWhite = true;
inspireContent.onLoad = function(success)
		mytext_mc.text = inspireContent;
in your xml file

put all of your HTML data here, however there are some html tags that dont function in flash.

hopefully this helps
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Default cheers!

Thanks kyuukisan! A combo of me, you and the Flash 8 Bible has delivered.
I've got a dynamic text box on the stage with multiline wrap and html set in the properties panel. The font is embeded in the library so I just need to set embedFonts for the content_txt.

// preload for the css file
var tStyle:TextField.StyleSheet = new TextField.StyleSheet();
tStyle.onLoad = function(aSuccess:Boolean):Void  {
	if (aSuccess) {
		trace("loaded external CSS file");
		content_txt.styleSheet = tStyle;
		with (content_txt) {
			content_txt.embedFonts = true;
	} else {
		trace("CSS file did not load.");


// preload html text file and set properties
var tStory:XML = new XML();
tStory.ignoreWhite = true;
tStory.onLoad = function(bSuccess:Boolean):Void  {
	if (bSuccess) {
		trace("loaded external HTML file");
		content_txt.htmlText = tStory;
	} else {
		trace("HTML file did not load.");

I'm pretty excited about this one. I've got a nice ui scroller with mac scrollwheel awareness too.

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Default dynamic text with embedded font, css and html

I've put a bunch of stuff together. This example uses a font embedded in the dynamic text box with that same 'font name' spec'd in the css file. You could embed in the font in the library too.
See the working example.

act now for a special bonus!! macwheel scrolling included with no additional agony!

zeh, pixelbreaker and chakra media rule!

ps.. apologies if this example is a little wonky on the whitespace - ignore whitespace stuff. i'm still wrestling with using <p> tags and <br/>. Flash has a very limited CSS1 set of properties it can handle... no margin or line-spacing... so it's hard to control space before and after a paragraph... whoo party like it's 1999!

UPDATE: Go here for a more recent AS2 version of the scrolling.
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the binary
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does the example work for anybody ?
changing the missing 'R Frutiger' font to an existing one, but except the image,
theres no text showing up.. ?!

html and css files were loaded correctly..

any ideas ?
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Did you figure it out? I've been away from the Flash and as.org.
Check the font on that text box and make sure you click the "embed" button.
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Default XML+css

Hi everyone,

I will need your help.
Im trying to load XML+css in flash - but I cant get it to work.

Here is my AS :
var my_xml = new XML();
my_xml.onLoad = function(success){
if (success){


and here is my XML :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
adf asdf dasf as
f<img height="150" src="assets/images/news_8155.jpg" width="200" />

thanks in advance !
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Default Dynamic Text, Masking, Scrollbar, CSS, - OH MY!!!

Okay ... so I spent quite a bit of time trying to get this all to work.


Dynamic Text box - externally load
Dynamic Text box - masked
Dynamic Text box - with CSS applied
Custom Scroll bar - for masked Dynamic Text box

Once i get it all to work (after numerous fails) I publish and try to load into another flash file.

Now the scrollbar is wonky and doesn't work ... any ideas?

I'm attaching all the project files to see if anyone else can figure out where I went wrong.

Attached Files
File Type: zip Help.zip (27.6 KB, 400 views)
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Default CSS Tools

every body
Style sheets are very popular among web developers due to their powerful features. They give you all the chance to be consistent with the look and feel of your pages. At the same time, you will have much more control over the layout and design than HTML ever did. But the necessity of CSS tools increases with the code getting complicated or for advance level of programming. There are so many CSS tools which save a lot of time and effort. Web designers want to have these tools with them always.

Css-faq.com has a large collection of CSS tools and online generators. You can us them to test font size, produce online forms, format and optimize your CSS code or generate a slide-show. It keeps adding new tools to its repertoire. Other websites can also list their popular tools here. Css-faq has also included its own CSS generators and tools.

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It doesn't work until you change this line:
content_txt.embedFonts = true; to false.
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