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Default xml tree conundrum/problem

Hello Everyone. I am an actionscript amateur and need some help in a problem.

Basically i need to attach a comment to an tree node. so that when the tree node is selected and the user types in some comment in a text area and presses the 'submit comment' button. their comment is saved against a tree node. Thus when a user selects that tree node then their comment is displayed (possibly in that text area).

- I have imported an XML file into flash and used the 'TREE' component to display it.

- I have created a text area - the user would type in some sort of comment in there.

- After comment is written when they press a button ("SUBMIT COMMENT") i need that comment to be saved against a tree node.

- Thus when a user clicks on that tree node their comment is displayed.

Do i need to store the comment as a variable? any help or pointers greatly appreciated.

Many thanks for your efforts.
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You can add the comments as properties of the items in the tree. Use getSelectedItem() to get a reference to the item currently selected in the tree.

For example if your TextArea had an instance name of "myTA", your tree "myTree" and your submit button "myButton" you could set up listeners using something like:

ActionScript Code:
//listener object for tree var lo:Object = new Object(); lo.change = function(evtObj:Object):Void{     var itm:Object = myTree.getSelectedItem();     if(itm.savedComment != undefined)         myTA.text = itm.savedComment;     else         myTA.text = ""; } myTree.addEventListener("change",lo); //listener object for submit button var lo2:Object = new Object(); lo2.click = function(evtObj:Object):Void{     var itm:Object = myTree.getSelectedItem();     itm.savedComment = myTA.text; } myButton.addEventListener("click",lo2);

In this case I set a property named "savedComment" to store the entered comments.

Best of luck,

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Default attaching comment to XML

Hello Ed, and every1 else.

Can i first say a big thank you for your effort, you didnt have to and i really appreciate it...im somewhat of a novice and am finding my feet.

I can now attach a comment to a node. Prior to that I have imported my xml file - which contains the tree into flash and can now display the tree structure and all of its nodes. the comment is there so thats great.

Is there any way though that you can update the xml file with the comment that you have submitted.

i.e. after you have attached the comment with a node, is there any way that the comment willl be passed through to that xml file itself?

Im thinking i need an attribute in the xml file called say "comment" and somehow when you press the submit button to attach the comment to a node the xml file (the "comment" attribute within) is also updated with the comment.
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hi ED,

is there any chance you could very briefly explain what your fantastic code does. am i right in saying that it is listening for a user to select a node then if a user enters that comment in the text area then that is what is stored against the node otherwise nothing is stored against the node.

thanks v.much
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