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Default Scroll bar problems

I have a non-button scroll bar. When I publish the SWF, it works perfectly! I have a main file(index.swf) that 800x600, that contains the majority of the website, such as the navigation and background, and each button loads the seperate pages inside that main movie. Each page is 745x362 and they load via loader clip. However, when I click on the 1st button to load the 1st page, it comes up, but the scroll bar no longer scrolls, it just looks like a flat image with nothing happening...Does anyone have any clue why it won't work using my main movie? I tried to put the ambiguous movie clip that contains the script for the bar thats actually on the swf, in the main movie, and that didnt work...but i need help real bad!
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Need more info or some code.
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okay no problem...
on the main movie (index.swf), each button contains this code:

on (release) {
_root.theLoader_mc1.loadClip("mlb.swf", "theClip_mc");

whereas the empty movie clip "theClip_mc" is on the stage where the pages are being loaded. Think of it as a scoreboard, where the main screen is where the pages are loading.

The coding for the layer containing the clip is:

theLoader_mc1 = new MovieClipLoader();

Now for the scroll bar on the mlb.swf...

I have 3 layers, a Outline, a Mask and a Masked....whats scrolling is on the Masked and the mask is just a rectangle, the outline is just the outline of that rectangle. On another layer, I have an empty movie clip called actions. I double click on it, and theres Frame 1 and Frame 2-

On frame two:


on frame one(this is the real long code for what the scroll is going to be doing):

//setting the variables for the script;
_root.scrollerName = _root.scroll;
_root.left = 352.9;
_root.innerLeft = 425.9;
_root.right = 616;
_root.innerRight = 543;
_root.top = 229.7;
_root.bottom = 304.6;
_root.minXposition = -790;
_root.maxXposition = 369.9;
_root.idleScrollSpeed = 1;
_root.overScrollSpeed = 10;
//if the scroller has gone to the end, switch directions;
if (_root.scrollerName._x<_root.minXposition) {
_root.scrollerDirection = "right";
} else if (_root.scrollerName._x>_root.maxXposition) {
_root.scrollerDirection = "left";
if (_root._ymouse<_root.bottom && _root._ymouse>_root.top) {
//checking to see if the mouse is in the left area, if so, continue;
if (_root._xmouse>_root.left && _root._xmouse<_root.innerLeft) {
if (_root.scrollerName._x>_root.maxXposition) {
} else {
_root.scrollerName._x = _root.scrollerName._x+_root.overScrollSpeed;
} else if (_root._xmouse>_root.innerRight && _root._xmouse<_root.right) {
if (_root.scrollerName._x<_root.minXposition) {
} else {
_root.scrollerName._x = _root.scrollerName._x-_root.overScrollSpeed;
} else if (_root._xmouse<_root.left or _root._xmouse>_root.right) {
if (_root.scrollerDirection == "right") {
_root.scrollerName._x = _root.scrollerName._x+_root.idleScrollSpeed;
} else if (_root.scrollerDirection == "left") {
_root.scrollerName._x = _root.scrollerName._x-_root.idleScrollSpeed;
} else if (_root.scrollerDirection == "right") {
_root.scrollerName._x = _root.scrollerName._x+_root.idleScrollSpeed;
} else if (_root.scrollerDirection == "left") {
_root.scrollerName._x = _root.scrollerName._x-_root.idleScrollSpeed;

Then back on the main scene, theres one last bit of coding to go on the action movie clip and that reads:

on (load) {
_root.scrollerDirection = "left";

So that is that....It works when I publish that swf seperately...but doesn't when i click the MLB button on the index....

Here is the example of the scroll bar swf by itself if that helps too:
if u click on the 1st team, the scroll bar will appear

If you need any more info, let me know...hope this helped u help me get an answer
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