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maximum rinse
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Default Restarting my onEnterFrame after Interval actions

Hi all,

I'm working on a game at the moment that relies on 'onEnterFrame' scripted animation.
At the end of the round I have been forced to delete the 'onEnterFrame', and opt for a 'launchInterval' system in order to display the scoring screen (because it requires repetitive actions with delays in between them).

Now I want create successive levels for this game. They will be pretty much the same as level 1, only with some minor setting changes.

Please can somebody advise on the best way to restart my 'onEnterFrame' (including timer etc)?
Am I barking up the wrong tree here, and should I be looking at alternative techniques, or is this easily do-able?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

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hi there,
you should use a flag variable inside the onEnterframe script that if the level change then the the code cant make effect


once the round clear set flag = 1;

if (flag == undefined)
// Do the Action

OR Next And Strong Way is you create a movieClip (controller)m placew another movieclipinside (the inner mcClip contain the onEnterFrame script)
present on the 1st frame,

when round clear mcController.gotoAndStop(2),// on that frame the inner mcCLip doesnt exist so the Script will not disturb.....

[email protected]
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maximum rinse
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FlashWizards, thanks for your suggestion. I'm not keen on spreading my code around different movieClips, so I'm having a look at your first option.

Do you mean that I include: "delete this.onEnterframe;" and "launchInterval();" and all the interval stuf where you say "//Do the action" in your example?
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maximum rinse
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Ok think I've managed to sort this one out.

I've ditched the whole onEnterFrame function in favour for the following technique, and as such can be restarted after the setInterval actions:

thing_mc.onEnterFrame = function
For more info check this link:

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