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Default Flash Animator Needed for Project RAiN!

dear flash animators,

Hi. Sorry for the whole advertisement-on-my-2nd post thing, it kills me when i'm on other forums but i don't have much to say here yet.

Down to buisness...

I need a flash animator for a game. The game is called RAiN (at the moment, project RAiN)

Here is the somewhat lengthy intro design doc:

Name- RAiN
Code Name- Project RAiN
Genre- Adventure
Developer- Mind Snap Studios

* Lead designer - Chronos
* Story and concepts - Chronos
* VHEL 2.0 engine tools and programming - Millsa and Chronos
* Game scenrios - Chronos
* Gameplay programming - Chronos and Millsa
* 3D modelling and mechanics - Chronos
* External mechanics - Millsa
* 2D art - Chronos
* Vertex 2D animations - NEEDED
* Ragnic AI programming - ???
* Hecoy and Murr AI programming - ???
* NPC AI - ???
* Casie and Nolan AI - Chronos
* Level Design - ???
* User interface and logos - Icedemon
* Music and sounds - ???
* Beta build support - Icedemon
* Additional Support - Icedemon (and everybody who has taken the time to check out this project)

Distribution- Viceroy Studios/MindsnapStudios
Engine- VHEL 2.0
Estimated File Size- 50 mbs (WTF! Yeah I'm not kidding, you'll find out later.)
Description- RAiN is a Hybrid based 2D/3D sidescroller along the lines of Paper Mario but with a Ico, Super Metroid like feel. Its really adventure heavy if anything.
Expected Release date- November 2007

-The Screenshots... -


-The Backstory...easy to pick up and forget -

The story to RAiN is based around a world engulfed by a parasite scourge known as Ragnic who are both deadly to confront and not your average run and about enemy. Lacking any real abilities to see, Ragnic use echolocation and other methods to feel sound viberations to manuver and generally get to where they need to go. With their remarkable ability to take on a host and breed within it, they often times can grow not only in strenght and size but in intellegence as well which sets a bar in terms of how big of a threat they can be. This stated, the inhabitence of this planet- subsuquiently divided into 3 races -have made many attempts to stop such a threat for millions upon millions of years. From the stone age, to the present. Many have failed, while others have made very solid jumps into innovative solutions. One such solution was the creation of EDOC, a type of militaristic base sactioned on providing nothing but the best defense against the Ragnic. Naturally this required fierce warriors to partake in such banther to have any success...hencely, Reavers were created.

Bold, heroic and often times barbaric, these highly motivated hunters went after Ragnic for the sole purpose on ridding them entirely from the world. Skeptics on the belief that killing off the Ragnic was a foolish move came up with the idea of preserving the Ragnic for more convient uses. Primarily, they wanted to experiment with how they could use the Ragnic for their needs than expand upon them. Many ideas were thrown around until finally, a grand plan was made to create a type of tower that could use pulsations provided by the Ragnic themshelves to emit some form of area based pulse or sound to ward off the Ragnic. This idea wasn't very safe due to the fact that Ragnic themshelves would be the main source of power, but nather the less it was put into action and oddly, it worked. Ragnic outside of these immense structures were unable to clearly manuver and some virtually were driven mad by the sheer sounds the towers created. EDOC, having been an icon of both brain and bran had saw the value of both Reavers and Towers and further expanded its opperations in 4 key areas of the world. Sadly though, those who first came up with the idea of using towers, the Republic, saw no need for Reavers. With protection provided by towers, the Republic well stated that a need to further aggrivate an already aggressive foe would be pointless. Those within EDOC wanted the best of both worlds but due to the fact that the Republic owns a large sum of EDOC ownership wise, the change was made.

After the dismemberment of Reavers, many people were put in a very wierd position. Since Ragnic were naturally excepted since the beginning of time itself, the change took some getting used to. With the change from being all about action and violent gorilla warfare, all but 1 EDOC from the 4 became cities. As a city, the once small populations grew larger with thriving businesses and people from all of the world supporting by way of trade. One such form of trade which became popular was delivery by courier. Even though the people in EDOC lived life so laid back, Ragnic still roamed about and have been. Couriers would normally have to make trips through areas infested by Ragnic to drop something off than bring whatever back. The Republic knew all to well of the dangers such ventures and knew that Ragnic infections could create and destory this now accepted system. Hencely, they boarded up areas and cities and restricted access to only those with preapproved passports. With such regulations and forms of control, the fact that Ragnic are treated like zoo animals completely understate their overall abilities. This is one such lesson that has yet to be learned and the moral to the story.

-The Gameplay...for Dummies -

This is the final control scheme for RAiN. No, it won't change...no more changing at all. There is an additional style of play that I can talk about when we're in the Beta, but for now, this is how you play(If you have an Xbox controller, you should be able to pick up on it easily. PC controls are also shown below this.)

Left Thumbstick - Movement (Pressure sensitive)
Left Thumbstick Click - Survey (Just lets you get a better look at things)
A - Jump (duh)
B - Melee (Figure it out people)
X - Co-op action (Does cool stuff when your with your partner)
R Trigger - Taunt / ??? (Does extremely awsome, kick ass stuff) L+R - Combat Knife
L Trigger - Grab (Your new best friend) / Struggle (A new way to fight)
Y - Cache (Brand new way to use and store items)
Start - Map

Mouse - Movement (Bounding box sensitivity)
Scroll Wheel Click - Survey (Just lets you get a better look at things)
Space - Jump (duh)
D - Melee (Figure it out people)
A - Co-op action (Does cool stuff when your with your partner)
Right Mouse Button - Taunt / ??? (Does extremely awsome, kick ass stuff)
Left button+Right button - Combat Knife
Left Mouse Button - Grab (Your new best friend) / Struggle (A new way to fight)
W - Cache (Brand new way to use and store items)
S - Map

The combat knife is one of those weapons that takes skill to use. Not only that, its your strongest weapon. While holding the L trigger, press or hold the R trigger to stab or slash things. The only problem is that if your not hitting a soft surface, the knife won't be able to do much damage. The wierd thing about the R trigger though is that when you press it without holding L, you'll do a taunt. However somewhere down the line, your going to get an ability that changes the way you play the game entirely.

The Thumbstick is pressure sensitive (yes, it is possible to get GM to do this), so you have the option to run or walk given the pressure. While running, press B to preform a shoulder charge. Its risky, stupid and blunt, but you can knock down Ragnic pretty easily.

I like what you can do for the L trigger. Not only is it the most flexible button, but it does everything the word "grab" implies. Hold the L trigger after jumping into a wall or climbable surface to climb...simple right? Hold on as long as you can and just try to get to where you need to go. Khana will start to get tried after awhile, so make sure you pace yourself. The L trigger isn't just restricted to climbing though...in general, rather its enemies or objects, you can grab onto anything. I can't stress this enough, you really can grab onto anything and everything. Seriously, it really is deep.

The X button is exactly like it sounds, the co-op button. Dependent on what action your performing at that moment, press X and your in game buddy will respond. How they will respond depends on what your doing and what you need them to do. This is a pretty heavy mechanic actually and it works in alot more ways than.....8, I think.

The Y button has something completely new called Cache. What this allows you to do is use these very unique items (typically once) that can change up the way you look at the world and play the game. I won't give away spoilers, but Cache items, by far, make playing the game more skilled inclined (something the hardcore crowd will like).

I'm done giving stupid descriptions about how you can play. Figure it out and put those theories to the test.

A flash animator is needed for this game, orimarily for the purpose of character animations. This is a possibly paid job, possibly because it has not yet been decided if the game is going to be commerical or not.

This game has already been prospected as the best Gamemaker game ever. It is an additional goal of our to combine the interesting powers of GM with the wonders of flash in order to create a truly unique project. More info can be found here:


There is an Alpha release coming out tomorrow!!!! thanks


Pm me or email at [email protected] if you are interested... thanks,
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