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Default Swf Object - Javascript embed


I have recently updated my website to use the Swf Object Javascript embed method which worked fine when testing.

However upon putting the site live I have exp[erienced some problems with it. I have tested it on many machines (Mac and PC) and the Flash detection seems a bit out?

On most machines it over rights the non flash content with the flash content as it should but on some it says I do not have the most up to date version of flash installed - which I know I have?

So I had a look at the swf object page that I got the source files from and it seems that when I click on the standard embed example (which is the method I used for my site) it asks me to install the latest version of flash. However, when I view the full screen embed method of the express install methdo the flash loads fine - meaning that my browser can run the flash fine?

I thought this was a Safari issue but I have experienced in the new IE7 - but not in previous versions - equally 2 outh of my three macs viewed it fine aswell running the same version of Safari?

I am totally confused and wonder if anyone else has experienced problems with the flash embed method.

My site can be viewed here

and the swf object page here

Thanks for any help you can give me!

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i saw it fine. might be an isolated instance for some dumb reason. maybe u disabled the plugin IDK. but i did notice something i dont like. whats with the scrollbars?
thats unneeded i think.
if u want a background to appear behind the swf and to resize whatever then watch the Full Browser Flash tutorial. right click at the downloads page and watch with an FLV viewer.
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Hi Evdog,

Thanks for the reply. There should not be any scrollbnars showing - what browser are you using and is it mac or PC?


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It showed fine for me but showed the scroll bars.

This is what was displayed.

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hi Sparkyl

thanks for the reply. Like I say, there should not be any scrollbars showing. Could you let me know which browser you are using? i am guessing Firefox? And are you on Mac or PC?


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to me this seems pretty simple. It looks as if you need to specify no scrollbars in javascript. Also this might be caused if you have the wrong width and height defined in your code, it could be off by one pixel.

The scrollbars are there though
Mac OSX / Firefox

works perfect on
Windows 2000 / IE 6
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