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Default Dynamic Text in ScrollPane

Hey all, Im not that new to AS, though this been very twitchy with me. I found an example of putting in text dynamically into a ScrollingPane object. I followed the code but I just cannot get it to work for me. This happens constantly that for some reason it will not just work.

What I am trying to do is that using a query string I pass it some variables, that tell it were to look in an xml file. And all I want it to do is be able to use that one flash file, to display different texts depending on what variables I send it. Also using the parameters in the HTML I tell it its sizes that is should be, and it will adjust accordingly the scrolling pane and all.

Here is the code:
function loadXML(loaded)


myTextFormat = new TextFormat();
myTextFormat.font = "xmlText";
_root.xml_mc.createTextField(xmlTextField,2,0,30,Stage.width, Stage.height);
_root.xml_mc[xmlTextField].embedFonts= true;
_root.xml_mc[xmlTextField].border = true;

_root.xml_mc[xmlTextField].text="This is a test";

	for (i=0;i<total;i++)
		if (section1==_root.page)
			for (x=0;x<total2;x++)
				if (section2==_root.section)


xmlData = new XML();
xmlData.ignoreWhite = true;
xmlData.onLoad = loadXML;
xmlData is the var for loading up the xml. xmlNode are the nodes within the xml. xmlPane is the ScrollingPane, xml_mc is the empty movie clip, xmlTextField is the text field that goes into xml_mc.

If I put the sizing coding outside of the loadXML, it will not resize even if put before xmlData. When tracing _root.xml_mc[xmlTextField] it does display "This is a test", but will not bring it up in the the scolling pane.

Any help I would appreciate very much. Thank you

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Default scrollPane

does scroollPane works like this:


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work for me sadly
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