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Default FLV stand alone and embed custom played to be designed.


I am posting here as a final resort. i have been breaking my head and pulling hair for the last week over this issue.

i need an flv player controlled by action script which does the following. my problem is that i could not get the AS to connect to the php script using phpobject working. you can use any method.

a progressive flash flv player whit buttons for
1. play/pause
2. progress bar
3. volume / mute
4. resize video to 80% of screen size.
5. full screen.
6. list

1 - 5 are self explanatory. 6 will be explained in the requirement.

the player has to use action script as it has to be fully contained and loadable as a standalone on the desktop as an exe and also as an embed in a webpage.

what it has to do.
procedure 1.

on load communicate with a php script called movlist.php

this script will return the following as a comma seperated list. (can change this if you need)

movid1,movpath1,movid2,movpath2,jpegpath,movid3,mo vpath3,playnextid

movid will be a number and movpath will be a string giving the path of the flv file.

now it has to do the following.

play movie1 (can this movie be clickable)
fire a connection to a php script incview.php with parameters "AD" and movid1
play movie2
fire a connection to a php script incview.php with parameters "CL" and movid2
play movie3 (can this movie be clickable)
fire a connection to a php script incview.php with parameters "CR" and movid3

when movie 3 finishes playing it repeats the above process but calls movlist with parameter playnext (this happens only in the second fetch onwards the first time the value of playnext will be blank.

this procedure is continued for ever.

a minor thing to be incorporated
when the flash app loads and fetches the first time. a splash screen with the jpegpath and the play button at the center of the screen( like youtube )will be shown. once the play button is clicked then the movie1 is played.

the second time onwards the spash screen should be loaded when the movie 1 is buffering.

procedure 2.
now i come to the functionality of button # 6

when button 6 is pressed ( this can be done any time movie2 is playing. all the buttons except the full screen and resize buttons shall be locked when movie1 and movie3 are playing.)

coming back to when button 6 is pressed. it will fire a connection to getcat.php

this will return and array with the follwing.


there will be 6 such items right now but will increase in future. this has to be displayed 3 in a row abreast and a maximum of 3 such rows on the screen the rest will be scroll down.

when the user clicks on any catimg it fires a connection to getlistfor.php with catid as a parameter. this will return the following in an array.


there will be between 10 to 100 such items.

this has to be displayed on screen with the catname on top and the itemjpg five abreast with the item name below each.

when user clicks on any image then procedue 1 is started with playnext having the value of the clicked itemid.

the php code is ready. i can arrange is as a class functions or any how you want. i can share with you if you want to see it.

if movie1 and movie3 are clickable please tell me so i can modify the php to return the clickpath.
remember the flash has to work as an embed and as a standalone.

I know this is a lot of work. i am on a limited time so i can send you a paypal payment of usd 500 as a token of appreciation.

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Thanks for the PM.

I'm not sure how much good I'd be at the Zinc part, but the rest I could do.

Good luck.
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