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Default Panel Class

Hey there,

I want to develop a class that displays a popup window to the user, the popup could be any given width or height and could possibly have subclasses that display either a text message or load another SWF.

Two things.

I want this popup to be modal, meaning that the user needs to respond to the window before they can continue. So I guess, how do you disable user input with anything in the background.

How do I go about developing such a class. Aside from the actionscript file I imagine you would need to have an object in your library so if you want to call up a new TextPanel you could do so? This is the area where I am not sure is the best practice to develop it.

Any suggestions would be great.


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I would probably make the popup on a 30% alpha black box the size of the flash movie. So it looks like you darkened the flash movie and gave a little dialogs box or something. This way any click events are on the top movie (which is your popup because it now takes up the whole screen).
You know what I mean?

You would also have to disable tabbing probably.

You could make it a combination of library MCs and runtime created sprites (or extensions there of). Just make sure to use good commenting (without overdoing the comments) when you are working with external things in your code (let a reader of you code know where the heck they can find the Man class for var mega:Man = new Man("Hand Cannon"); or if it's an object in the library.)
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'Mix' classes wiuth library symbols

1. create mc symbol in library
2. linkage it to class (myClassName)
3. create file in fla file folder calles myClassName.as

Now you can controll everything what you have inside symbol for your class
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