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I'm trying to use variables that have been loaded into a movie using loadVariablesNum to determine where to gotoAndStop. When I load the variables in using the code below, I can see the variables and their values in the variables debug window and I can write them to a text area on the stage, but if I try to use them in any kind of statement, the statement is not executed.

For example:
var lastvisit;
loadVariablesNum ("http://www.zapplets.com/lastvisit.html", 0);
gotoAndStop ("\"" + lastvisit + "\"");

I also tried this, to no avail:
var lastvisit;
loadVariablesNum ("http://www.zapplets.com/lastvisit.html", 0);
if (lastvisit=="3") {
gotoAndStop ("3");


I am loading the following text file:

...and am trying to jump to the frame labeled with the value in the variable lastvisit but the script is not working. Is there something I need to do to the loaded variable (lastvisit) before I can use it in a statement?

Thanks in advance!
Jamie Gehrlich

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You can't load Variables and utilize them in the same script, you need to use some sort of loop that will check to see if all variables are finished loading before using them...

Best way to do this is to load the varibles into a movie clip, using an onClipEvent(data) handler...this handler will trigger once all data has been received...


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Or you can use a looping clip which tests if a variable exists:

if (!variableName ) {
// still not loaded
} else {
// loaded



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