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Default Using Component to view a SWF inside a Movie Clip

Ok, so I've been fiddling with this problem for nearly 2 days now trying to figure out what the heck is going on here. I still can't seem to figure out what could possibly be causing this problem, so I decided to look here.

First off, my site is http://www.digitallyinspired.com
(see if it works for you first?) - go to the portfolio section

The problem that I am having is on the "portfolio" page. I am trying to use a component to view a SWF file from my server inside my flash site; so in essence, it's loading dynamically. Everything things to work fine on MY system with Firefox and IE7, however, when I try to view the flash site (the portfolio section), the flash load stalls out and none of my portfolio loads. The website still works fine, but the "gallery.swf" file inside the portfolio section fails to load. What could be some possible reasons for this happening? It works on my system with both updated versions of Firefox and IE7, but not on my other system which also has the most updated versions of IE7.

I'll try to explain how I went about doing this, so maybe that will give a bit more clarification on how to fix this problem.

I created a component ScrollPane and defined the parameters to link to my website http://www.digitallyinspired.com/gallery.swf. This in turn loaded my gallery into my main flash site when you click on the portfolio section of the website. On my system, when you click on the portfolio section, it says "loading in the top left..." then loads about 14 thumbnails for viewing purposes. On other people's systems, it says "loading..." and just hangs.

The backend section of the site I got from flashimagegallery.com. This program installs on the website and lets you admin over all the images and such for the gallery. It utilizes PHP and javascript to make it fully functional. The reason I don't think that its the actual program or the PHP coding is because it obviously works on my system - so the code is functional to a certain degree.

Furthermore, if you try to load the gallery separately from the main site, it too also works. Try loading http://www.digitallyinspired.com/gallery.swf - It should work correctly.

Suggestions? - Could it be the AC_RunActiveContent.js script causing issues that Flash CS3 created? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am pulling my hair out as we speak.
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Default Re:

Problem fixed. Apparently IE7 has issues in regards to using the scrollpane component in CS3. I ended up using ActionScript command: "empty.loadMovie("externalmovie.swf");" instead of defining a source inside the parameters section of the properties bar.

If you intend on loading swf files into your movie/site, avoid using the component scrollpane unless you want to find yourself with the swf not showing up on every browser, esp IE7 (At least until they fix that bug).
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