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Default Loader displays image in wrong size

First: the scaleContent is set to true explicitely, so the loader does not scale with the contents.

The situation is that a PHP page generates at runtime generated images. This scaling can take a few seconds sometimes. After that the image is cached and delivered more quickly.

If the loader is fetching a not-cached image (so it takes a few secs), the loader's getBytesLoaded() returns 0 "on complete", but the image is still displayed only way larger than the loader or image actually is.

If the loader fetches a cached image, then the getBytesLoaded is showing the file size and the image is displayed correctly.

If the server is busy generated new images (it's on my development environment, so things are not that fast) and therefore a cache image takes a bit longer to fetch, then cache image is also display too large.

There seems to be some kind of timeout at work here. Some treshhold in response time. I can't seem to get my finger on what or how to handle this. I though the loader would simply wait until the image was send.
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As an additional note: if I get the properties of the cached file, it says 266x176, exactly the same size as the image loader. If I read these cache images directly, they are also displayed too wide.

The image loaders are resized instances of a symbol. Can this be of influence?
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After changing the instance-of by individual Loaders, the images are displayed correctly.
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