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Default Ignoring SVN folders

Here at the office we are starting to use Flex builder, but running into an odd issue. Our source files are (naturally) under source control, so in every directory there is an _svn folder. It is a hidden file in Windows.

But, when we create a flash project these files show up. They are a bit annoying since there are so many and they are useless, but the real problem is at compile time. When we compile a project, Flex pulls the _svn folder into the bin folder. This creates two major errors.
1) Subversion is now broken because files exist where they shouldn't.
2) The Flex compiler gives us definition errors on those files.

How can we get Flex to ignore the files???
I have googled for hours without success. The FB2 preferences only allow you to ignore files, not folders, so this doesn't work. What really shocks me is not finding other people with this same issue. It seems like everyone using Flex would be using svn and having this same issue. maybe we are missing something simple?

Thanks from our whole team here.
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Perhaps you can try creating a different build directory from the svn root, and import the source files into the project from the svn dir. If you keep all your source in a single directory inside the svn root, you wouldn't run into problems when people create new packages/directories.

Best regards,
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Thanks drkstr. Turns out we are down in Pioneer Square. We may be looking for contract as3/flex people if you want to email me your info. keith [at] axiomflash.com
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There's a compiler setting in your project properties, Copy non-embedded files to output directory. Uncheck this option and the svn folders won't be copied to the output directory (no other assets will either, but this is your best option right now).
Josh Tynjala | Feathers
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Default Ignoring .svn folder to be copied to bin directory

I've tried the solution you'd descibed (to uncheck "copy non-embeded files...")..doesn't help much , they are still getting compiled there....
Other suggestions ?

I'm using FlexBuilder 3.0
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