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Default addChild()

what does the addChild function do? im trying to move on from AS2 to AS3 and i see this function a lot in samples and tutorials. to me it appears that it adds a movieclip to the stage or to another movieclip, but can't you just do that by mc.attachMovie()?
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attachMovie() was removed in as3.

There is whole new display list model in as3.

Each object extending DisplayObjectContainer class has own display list (MovieClip, Sprite...). It means that you can add any object (witch extend DisplayObject class) to display list of particular object.
To make object visible you have to add it to stage Display list or to display list of one of objects already added to stage display list.

I know it sounds confuising, but is easy.
This should be helpfull

There is many advantages of this model on is that you can object to
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attachMovie is AS2 only. A lot of things have changed in AS3 - how display objects (movie clips) are handled is one of them. If you haven't already do some reading : ) There are a number of resources out there that explain the new way of handling these things in AS3, including Flash help.

[edit]Panel beat me to it ; )[/edit]
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thanks for your explanations dudes. i just dont see the need for you to write a whole other statement to add an object to the stage. seems tedious. in AS2 if you created a new movieclip in any way (duplicate, createEmptyMovieClip), it'd be on the stage and thats how i liked it.
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