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Question JPGs loaded dynamically - quality sucks!

Can't seem to figure out why... I have a Flash training app that loads all its data via XML files. Most of the pictures seem fine when they load, but one image in particular just looks horrible. Looks almost as if it's stretched/squeezed to different dimensions, though I'm specifying the length and width. I've doublechecked that my dims are correct.

Any ideas? I've tried .GIF with no improvement.

I also made sure that the MC these images are loaded into are positioned at integer X & Y coords, as I've read elsewhere that loading images into a MC at non-integer coords can cause strange display issues.
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Ya, if your x & y are not irregular and you checked the proportions i would say try png-24 or try opening and resaving jpeg.
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No improvement using PNG-24. Text still looks like it was printed, photocopied, and then scanned in. :/ Talk about frustrating.
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Have any of the movie clip holders might have been scaled?
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some dude wrote a function for image loading and smoothing.

ActionScript Code:
_global.smoothImageLoad = function(imgURL, targetMovie) {     var i = 0;     do {         i++;     } while (eval("_root.smoothImageLoadTemp" + i) != undefined);     tmc = _root.createEmptyMovieClip("smoothImageLoadTemp" + i, _root.getNextHighestDepth());     tmc.createEmptyMovieClip("ti", tmc.getNextHighestDepth());     tmc.tm = targetMovie;     with (tmc) {         tmcl = new MovieClipLoader();         tmcl.onLoadComplete = function() {             ti.onEnterFrame = function() {                 pixelData = new flash.display.BitmapData(ti._width, ti._height);                 pixelData.draw(ti);                 tm.attachBitmap(pixelData, 1, true, true);                 tm.smoothImageLoadComplete();                 removeMovieClip(ti._parent);             };         };         tmcl.loadClip(imgURL, tmc.ti);     } }; //to load in an image just call the function and pass in the parameters //smoothImageLoad([image], [movieclip to load in to]); smoothImageLoad("img1.jpg", myMovieClip);

this function does use a lot more resources than just loading in the image so if you're going to have a lot of them on screen be warned - it might be slow.
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