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I need a little help. I used your code with my animation, (changing all the variable names so it would work) and it works initially. However, there's a point in the animation where I pause the sound for a few frames and then restart it. The code I have for the frame it starts up again is this:

ActionScript Code:
myChannel = myAudio.play(myPausePosition, 1, trans)

(Where "trans" refers to the same variable as before) But it doesn't fade the sound in again. It just resumes it, but with a much quieter volume. I'm pretty new to actionscript, so I can use some help figuring out how to fix this.

Also, I want to fade out the music later, so I just copied your code and changed things around a bit, but it's not working. If someone could tell me how they would do it, that would be a big help too.
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Hi everybody,

I came across the post by google and I'm looking for a way to implement this in my code.

When my flashmovie starts there is a sound that starts playing. When I click a button, how can I get the sound to fade away?

The following code is placed at the top of my actions frame:
var soundFadeInTimer:Timer=new Timer(100,30);
soundFadeInTimer.addEventListener("timer", soundFadeIn);


var fadeInIncr=-0.1;

function soundFadeIn(e:TimerEvent) {
	var sAmbienceVol:SoundTransform=new SoundTransform(fadeInIncr,0);

var snd:Sound=new Sound(new URLRequest("sounds/bulb.mp3"));
var trans:SoundTransform=new SoundTransform(1,0);
var channel:SoundChannel=snd.play(.1);
I'm looking for a way to change the fade in, to fade-out. Hope someone can help me with this little problem .

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var mySound:Sound = new Sound();
var channel:SoundChannel=new SoundChannel();

mySound.load(new URLRequest("audio.mp3"));  

channel = mySound.play();
channel.soundTransform = new SoundTransform(.5, 0.0);
// START VOLUME IS 50% = .5


var sndFadeInterval=null;
sndFadeInterval=setInterval(function(chan) {
	var vol=chan.soundTransform.volume;
	if(vol<=0) {
		if(sndFadeInterval!=null) clearInterval(sndFadeInterval);
	} else {
		trace("Volume: "+chan.soundTransform.volume)

Same applies for Fade in. You may use tweens too, of course. Just set channel.soundTransform.volume=XXX
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