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I am a newbie to flash, I created some text effects in FlashTyper and want to string them together, I have read the importing into flash tutorial, but am still confused. What I want to do is I have 6 .swf's ( 5 FlashTyper, 1 Flash ) I just want to play them 1 after the other in a sequence the have the last at the end frame and take you to a webpage when clicked. Please can someone HELP, maybe with a example of the code needed PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

I see alot of people asking this same question, If someone could take a few min and write some sample code of how to string together a few flashTyper, Swish, or WildformFx clips for those of us who can make them, but haven't learned how to put them together it would be GREATLY appreciated. If someone does, Please make it step by step, and easy for someone who knows almost nothing about Flash to understand PLEASE !!!!!!
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Ok I'll look into writing a tutorial once my computer comes back from the store It died on me for no reason.
In the mean time checkout this post which actualyl explains what you want to do perfectly:



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Default I'll look forward to the tutorial, Thank you for replying so fast

I appreciate your fast reply, the example you cited is a little above my head, I see some stuff that looks familiar, but am still confused. I'll look forward to your tutorial, and in the mean time try to muddle my way through the various tutorials to understand about loading and manipulating the levels.
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