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Unhappy Flash Newbie SOS

Hi, Im a flash newbie and Im currently working on a corporate flash marketing kit, and Im facing SOME technical problems using flash.

Project Dimension: 1024x768


1) Main Movie_Scene01 =>

a) Welcome page with major content links.

b) BUTTON "Color SMS2u Interactive Presentation".

on (release) {
gotoAndPlay("Scene 2", 1);

c) Other minor content links currently.

2) Main Movie_Scene02 =>

a) The stage displaying all externally loaded SWF files

b) A "RETURN TO MAINPAGE" (scene01) BUTTON (back to scene01)

on (release) {
gotoAndPlay("Scene 2", "exit_seq");

c) List of content BUTTONS to load up the external SWF

on (release) {
loadMovieNum("test_scene.swf", 1);


on (release) {

3) External SWF

a) Dimension same as the main movie 1024x768.

b) A movie clip (instance name "myClip") created for content, placement coordinates same as the location of SWF display in the main movie.

c) Content is streamline animated sequence with background music and voice over narration; also alot of frame delay action:

1st frame:

myTimer = setInterval( function(){ gotoAndPlay(frame);}, 5000 );

2nd frame:


d) In root, "play" , "stop" and "Replay" buttons to control the movie clip "myClip".

- on (release) {

- on (release) {

- on (release) {

** I would like to add in a SEEK BAR, to let user drag along the sequence, but i have no idea how to do it, anyone help...


Here are my problems:

1) Load external SWF button, when I click to load up the SWF, it play the sequence nicely all the way to the end.

However, in the middle of the playing session, if I click the same swf load up button again, the SWF will logically restart and play from the beginning, but it ends up the whole sequence haywired, like frame skipping and looping.

2) MovieClip control, "Play" and "Stop" seems working fine, but the "Replay" button seems causing the same outcome during the playing session when you click it.

3) How to add in a SeekBar to control the movie clip?

4) Same situation as #1), during the SWF playing session, by clicking the "RETURN TO MAINPAGE" button, the whole main movie gone mad, it jump back to SCENE01 mainpage then jump to SCENE02 back and fore, non stop; the STOP action in frame is totally not working at all.

I have tried to take out the unLoadMovieNum() in the "RETURN TO MAINPAGE" button to trace the problem, I tested the button again while the external SWF was still playing.

It jumped back to mainpage and STOP, but the external SWF still hanging on stage overlaying the mainpage (SCENE01).


So thats it, I deperately need help from you guys. PLease.
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