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Default Identifiers in ActionScript

It seems like i need to use MovieClips from the library where the linkage identifier is set, to add icons to my list component.

  - List component on Stage (instance name: my_list)
  - MovieClip/Graphic symbol in the Library with Linkage ID of "flash"
  - MovieClip/Graphic symbol in the Library with Linkage ID of "dreamweaver"
  - MovieClip/Graphic symbol in the Library with Linkage ID of "cf"

var my_list:mx.controls.List;

my_list.setSize(200, 100);

my_list.addItem({data:"flash", label:"Flash", icon:"flash"});
my_list.addItem({data:"dreamweaver", label:"Dreamweaver", icon:"dreamweaver"});
my_list.addItem({data:"coldfusion", label:"ColdFusion", icon:"cf"});

my_list.iconField = "icon";
Is there a way to sett the MovieClip Identifier from ActionScript and not do it manualy in the library?
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If you had thirty symbols in your library, how would you be able to tell flash which symbol in your library was the right one to rename with your actionscript? Probably with some sort of... erm... identifier?

So, the answer is no. Sorry.

I suppose, if you need to create new identifiers dynamically, you could write the library identifier strings into an array and set an ID to each, so you could then dynamically set the ID value of each identifier to whatever you want and get at the correct identifier by lokoing it up in the array. Not sure it's worth the hassle though!


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The only way to add icons, If you need to set icons for your list component from a collection of movieclip that are not defined at design time (ie. no identifier), is by creating a custom cellRenderer class.
Read cellRenderer API in the ActionScript component help file for more description.
You need to modify the sample provided there to make it work with a list, and a workaround hack to "create" a movieclip from existing movieclip.
Since there is no way (that I know of) to copy an existing movieclip into a different parent movieclip (no, duplicate wont work, since it will create a duplicate under the same parent), you have to play around with BitmapData, and copy the content of the existing MovieClip as a bitmap snapshot into an empty movieclip made under a different MovieClip (this sucks ).

import flash.display.BitmapData;

class CustomSelectableRow extends mx.core.UIComponent{
	private var rowLabel;
	private var owner;
	private var listOwner;
	private var icon_mc;
    private static var PREFERRED_HEIGHT_OFFSET = 4; 
    private static var PREFERRED_WIDTH = 100;
    private var startDepth:Number = 1;

	public function CustomSelectableRow(){
    public function createChildren():Void
        var c = rowLabel = this.createLabel("rowLabel", startDepth);
        c.styleName = listOwner;
        c.selectable = false;
        c.tabEnabled = false;
        c.background = false;
        c.border = false;
    public function size():Void
        var c = rowLabel;
        rowLabel.setSize(__width, __height);
    public function getPreferredHeight():Number
        return owner.__height - PREFERRED_HEIGHT_OFFSET;

    public function setValue(itmObj:String, item:Object, selected:Boolean):Void
		var h = __height;
		var o = owner
		var c = rowLabel;
		var icon = listOwner.getItemAt(o.rowIndex).icon;
		if (icon==undefined) {
			icon = o.getStyle("defaultIcon");

		var i = icon_mc;
		if (icon!=undefined && itmObj!=undefined) {
//			i = createObject(icon, "icon_mc", 20);
			var bd:BitmapData = new BitmapData(icon._width, icon._height, true, 0);
			i = this.createEmptyMovieClip("icon_mc", 20);
//			i = icon.duplicateMovieClip("icon_mc", 20); //DO NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
			i.attachBitmap(bd, 20);
			icon_mc = i;
			i._x = 2;
			i._y = (h - i._height) / 2;
			c._x = 4 + i._width;
		} else {
			c._x = 2;
        if (item==undefined){
            rowLabel.text._visible = false;
        rowLabel.text = itmObj;
On your main timeline:

myList.addItem({data:"flash", label:"Flash", icon:icon_1});
myList.addItem({data:"dreamweaver", label:"Dreamweaver", icon:icon_2});
myList.addItem({data:"coldfusion", label:"ColdFusion", icon:icon_3});

myList.iconField = "icon";

myList.cellRenderer = "CustomSelectableRow";
Notice that there is no quotes around the icon properties, its a direct reference to movieclips on-stage.
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