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If you are making remote calls for processor intensive operations you have to know that you are going to incur overhead encoding that information and making the call. A* is not beyond Actionscript. It is suggested several times in this thread, but I am going to go ahead and say implement it in Actionscript ... at least KNOW that it isn't going to work, because this seems to be a costly decision. There are also several methods for breaking up processor intense operations ... like breaking it up into several calls.

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everyone here is giving one line answers like i normally do!

case A:
if you want to call a method on a java class you must be doing that over some kind of network connection to a web server.
the web server can run pretty much any servlet container (jboss, tomcat, orion, jetty) and the java web app should include any one of (red5, livecycle data services, web orb) remoting libraries.
you should return a simple types in the begining (Object[], string, boolean, number) or an object consiting of simple types all in the "public" namespace ("value object"/POJO). ideally no constructer args.
this class should map to an actionscript class with the same signature (the same properties) on the client side, and you need to either use registerRemoteAlias in code or in flex the remote alias meta data tag. to tell the flash player that this bunch of bytes serializes into a specific class.

case B:
instantiate a java class in actionscript - > rewrite
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Default This might help, multiplayer java / actionscript 3.0 source code

If you want to see a very bare-bones way of sending requests back and forth from Actionscript Client to Java to any Actionscript Client, check out my project.

I'm offering my Java / Actionscript Game Server (JAGS 1.4) up to the world.

I can help you set it up and answer any questions (since the only documentation is inside the code).

Last summer, I pieced together all kinds of tutorials to get a working multiplayer game solution. Also have a java server up and running you can use to test things with.

See fireleg.com to play pong, or go to fireleg.com/jags.html to look at all the code.

Contact me at travis -at- fireleg.com for any assistance.
Good luck on your game!
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