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Default Huge CPU load caused by many graphic instances

I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right forum section, so let me know if I should post it somewhere else. I have a problem with a graphic symbol causing a huge CPU spike when my movie is loaded in a browser. I'm working on a statistics calculator for an text game called NukeZone. I created a gray box using the rectangle tool and then converted it to a graphic symbol. I have over 200 instances of that graphic symbol on the stage to create a grid like effect. Here's what it looks like:


I noticed the more copies of that graphic I made, the slower everything got in the editor. Now it got to the point where there's a two second delay each time just when I'm trying to highlight multiple objects. Then when I load it locally in a browser, it takes 2-4 seconds to load and CPU usage goes through the roof during that time. Does anyone know a better way to achieve the same grid like effect, but without causing a nasty CPU spike and slow load times? The only way I can think of is by making a single .gif or .png image of the grid and using that as my background, but that would be nightmare when making any changes to the layout. I would have to remake that .gif or .png each time. Any suggestions are welcome.
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