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Default Netscape 6.2.3 text problems (imported and dynamic)

Everything was working fine in Netscape 6.2.2, and in IE 6.0, but since I upgraded to Netscape 6.2.3, I've got major text problems.

Visit www.L7square.com and view for yourself. If you have IE, nothing should seem wrong, but if you've got Netscape 6.2.3, you'll notice:

1. No text in main box on left (the one with scroll arrows)

2. No text in the main 4 menus at the top.

3. Text shows up in my little smart clip when you mouse over one of the 4 little squares near the bottom, but the 'gizmo' that makes the text-pop-up background resize isn't working at all.

All of the above problems work fine in IE, and I mean, I'm probably 1 of 7 people that have and use Netscape 6.2.3, but can anyone help me with this? It's crippling if someone does happen to use Netscape 6.2.3.

I can post snippets of code if needed.

So far, I've tried setting default text color for html page in which Flash resides. I've tried using a direct path to the txt files instead of a relative path. And I've looked through my code for similarites between the errors, but can find none. Some of it is imported, other is dynamic. Some dynamic shows, while some doesn't. I'm at my wits end.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Have u read the Tech note about the browsers in MM??
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