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Default writing XML with AIR

im trying to open an existing XML document and then write to it with AIR using flash..

ActionScript Code:
import flash.filesystem.File; import flash.filesystem.FileStream; import flash.filesystem.FileMode; var appDir:File = File.applicationStorageDirectory var dskTopFileStream:FileStream = new FileStream(); var fileString:String = appDir.nativePath; var dskTopFile:File = File.documentsDirectory;   trace(dskTopFile); dskTopFile = dskTopFile.resolvePath(fileString+"\\bankroll.xml"); // LOAD XML var xmlString:URLRequest = new URLRequest(fileString+"\\bankRoll.xml"); var xmlLoader:URLLoader = new URLLoader(xmlString); xmlLoader.addEventListener("complete", init); var defaultXML:XMLDocument = new XMLDocument(); defaultXML.ignoreWhite = true; function init(event:Event):void {          var xml:XML = XML(xmlLoader.data);          defaultXML.parseXML(xml.toXMLString());     //var myString:String = defaultXML.firstChild var existingData = defaultXML.firstChild.childNodes trace(existingData) var i = 0 for (i=0;i<defaultXML.firstChild.childNodes.length-1;i++) {     trace(i)     } dskTopFileStream.openAsync (dskTopFile, FileMode.WRITE); dskTopFileStream.writeUTFBytes ("<BankRoll>"+ existingData+existingData+"</BankRoll>"); dskTopFileStream.close (); }

problem is, it keeps inserting weird charecters and placing commas etc between my childNodes.. this effect seems much like an old php problem i use to encounter having something to do with a setting in the php server..

any ideas?

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Default Never mind

i figured it out... whats wrong with the script above is that my var existing data is an array because of the multiple nodes... thus the commas.. solution:
build the var piece by piece in the for loop

but thanks anyway
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Can you post your solution please?! Im having troubles with the root element when i try to update the xml file,any idea?!

check out my topic -->
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