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young grasshopper
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Question checkBox and formMail question

Hello! I am completely new to using components but I was hoping to add a checkBox component to my swf which in turn speaks to a formMail...the problem for me comes when the status of the checkbox is not sent to me as all the other variables of the formMail are (sender, subject, message, etc.)...maybe because I'm unclear where to define the checkBox's variable and how to get that variable sent to the formMail etc....

Can someone tell me how to do this? Please explain in the simplest terms as I am virtually a complete and utter n00b at...both.

PS- the formMail I am using is Matt's

and also if someone can tell me how to embed a font into the label of the checkBox properly, that would also be lovely. Thanks so much!
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Moving to the Components forum...
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You can just check if the checkbox is selected and then set a variable for example:

if(yourCheckBoxName.selected == true){
var theResult = "the check box was selected";

then you send "theResult" to your server side script
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young grasshopper
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Red face the more you know, the less you know...

sorry I didn't realize components had its own forum! And thanks for the quick reply ASWC!

do I put this AS code on the checkbox itself, or the frame, or the send button on my form..? Do I need to embed the checkbox in a movie clip? Do you know how I might send variables to the formMail? I'm not sure how to make the formMail recognize variables that it wasn't pre-programmed to recognize....

Sorry for all the questions and thanks for your patience!
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