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Default Flex 3 States and Transitions

Ok, is it me or has the behavior of states with transitions changed in Flex 3?

I'm in the middle of upgrading/converting my Flex 2 project to Flex 3. The biggest difference I'm seeing is how the states with transitions are behaving. I'm seeing weird things, like my component completely disappears or flashes then it decides to execute the transition code.

For example:
<mx:Transition fromState="contactPageState" toState="workPageState">
		<mx:Fade target="{menuContactPage}" alphaFrom="1" alphaTo="0" duration="5500"/>
		<mx:Fade target="{menuWorkPage}" alphaFrom="0" alphaTo="1" duration="5500"/>
          <mx:RemoveChildAction target="{menuContactPage}" />
My menuContactPage component flashes off the screen for a brief moment then appears on screen, then finally executes the fade effect. This code runs perfectly in Flex 2 such that the component simply fades out.

Has anyone notice any weird peculiar things going on with states and transitions?

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