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Default Creating an online mutliplayer game

Hi Guys,

I was hoping someone could help me - I've searched all over but can't find any tutorials to help me.
Just so you guys know beforehand I'm very familiar with Flash in terms of offline games, I've made the odd shooter here and there, but I don't have a clue as to where I can start into making an online game. Here's what I'm hoping to achieve:

An 2d online game similar to Super Smash Bros

A user goes to my site, opens up the flash movie, can choose to create a new game, or join an existing one

Max of 6 players per game, at last 2 human per game, after a timeout of 30 secs and no one else joins, the 1st player can select a certain number of bots to join with them and the other player

Each player can select a character of their choice, and fight to the death!

The game needs to be fast and flowing, but very pretty (plenty of colour and lights)

The user can create an account with the game,
and if so, when they finish a match and they come third or higher in the rankings,
their name gets added to a score board, along with the total number of points theyve accumulated since they started playing the game.

I realise this is a lot to ask i one post, but this is what I want to achieve eventually. I'm afraid flash won't support some of my aspirations, like the fast flowing game play, and I was wondering if there's a better alternative if this is the case?

At the minute, I'd really appreciate guide on how to set up the basics of what i want ie real time multiplayer! Just even to be able to go online to my app, and have 2 cubes on screen. the first computer to connect is assigned ube 1 then the next cmputer to connect is assigend cube 2, and if i moved cube1 using the keyboard1, id see cube 1 moving on both computer screens if you know what i mean?

Thanks for any help!
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I did a search, and you could use the jags java/flash server. I've looked at it, and the code is very organized. It would work, but it isn't easy.

A link to the post leading to the server.
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I highly recommend Smart Fox Server, they have a good amount of tutorials and you can use thier free "Lite" edition for commercial products, it can hold up to 50 users. I'm using thier "Lite" edition right now for a flash multiplayer game I just finished... www.ultimatecheckers.com (shameless plug ). You can find plenty of tutorials at gotoandplay.it << click on the multiplayer central tab. Hope this helps, another server you can use is the Electro server(google it). It seems that they are the two big competitors as far as flash multi user technologies,Smart Fox Server and Electro server, both have been used in a lot of projects(Smart Fox Server was use to develop Club Penguin). You can also look into Flash Media server, but that is super expensive(somewhere around 5k).
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Flash Media Server also comes with MANY more features like streaming video. I wouldn't classify it in the same group as SFS. Red5 would be the best open source alternative to FMS. there are many other xml socket servers (some open source, some commercial). It all depends on how much support/help you want and/or how much you want to pay and what features you want. Check out OSFlash.org for open source alternatives to the expensive stuff.

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My friend has an online game, but when you move your guy, it take a second for it to move on the other person's computer. This is because you have to send data to the server and then have the server send it to all the computers, and this takes a second or two. This could be a HUGE problem with your game, because you want to have people battling. You would have a person attack, and then the person on the second computer could dogde way to easily, and your game wouldn't work very well. If you do actually find a way to make it happen fast, then please tell me, because my friend would like that a whole lot!
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I'm an as3 developer, just produced a point-and-click isometric adventure http://www.imageinaction.net/frost in as3. Now I want to start realizing multiplayer flash game. I analized some multiuser server and I think the best for price/feaures/support is smartfox. I'm just beginning studying it. If you want we can collaborate and share some code and experience or eventually start a game project together or at least share some common task like lobbies, chat and other part. This is valid for any people want to collaborate developing multiplayer game with smartfox server...
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is there a free alternative? can php be used to create multiplayer flash games?
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You should check out a server called Red5, its free. You wouldn't use php, you'd be using binary packets to transmit information between players...
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I don't suggest smartfox server because it's more focused on communities more than games. After a year developing on it, i've found a lot of limitations, and it is damn slow
for a real time game like the one you want to do. After some tests i got an average of
7 updates per second, which is not good for an action game. Anyway, you must work with a server for collisions and stuff like that, or one player will see a collision while another won't.

Good luck for your project
Federico "FNX" Nisoli
Lead Programmer - FNX Games
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Excuse the bump. This is a good thread.

I am familiar with the problems/proceedures of Replication (the process of streamlining and coordinating players online) in Unreal, but I've never done anything like this in Flash. So this thread is providing some useful places to start research.

Is the general consensus recommendation to use Red5? How does performance compare?

On another thread, I am hearing about a multiplayer API available from http://www.nonoba.com/

and JAGS does look interesting. (http://fireleg.com/)

Any other thoughts? Recommendations? Warnings?
(using AS2 for my project)

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