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Default dynamic text shows as 'undefined'

Hi, I'm making an interactive CD-ROM which has dynamic text with scroller bar, using Flash 8 Professional.
The text does appear in the .exe PC file. But,
The text does not appear in the .swf file nor the mac Projector file. It only appears as 'undefined'.

Here is the action script of the text section of the CD:

================================================== =====
title_txt.text = "Introduction";
//the following line sets the indicator movie clip on the side menu to a y value corresponding to the
//section you click
_root.side_mc.sidecontent.indicatorclip._y = 97.3;

myData = new LoadVars();
myData.onLoad = function() {
_root.bottom_mc.holder.myText_txt.htmlText = this.myVariable;
_root.bottom_mc.holder.scrolla._targetInstanceName .scroll = 0;
================================================== ======

And below is the shortened version of the 'introduction.txt' file :
================================================== ======
Welcome to our interactive CD-ROM.
You are currently viewing the introduction section.
================================================== ======

Please help me how to solve this problem. Why won't the text (introduction.txt) appear in the .swf and mac Projector file ??? Why does it show only in the .exe PC file ?


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Default found the solution

I don't know why but it seems that .swf and mac Projector do not like to look for txt file outside the parent directory... (text/introduction.txt) But the .exe does look for it so that the txt file appear.

Now, I've moved the introduction.txt out of the 'text' folder into the parent directory so it's sitting together with the .swf and mac Projector and exe file........

Now the text appears in the swf! I have to try it at my friend's macintosh computer tomorrow, I hope it will work. If it doesnt, then I will need your help, forum.

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Default stupid me...

i think the problem was simple. I just have to change the




that first / caused the problem... the swf /mac won't read it.
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