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Default Collision Detection Kit

A short while ago I had a need for shape-based collision detection and decided to write up a class to handle it. As the class developed, I discovered other things that would be nice to have but weren't available, so I worked it out and added the functionality to my class.

Long story short, it developed into a small package of code I call the Collision Detection Kit. It's been so useful for me that I've decided to put it under an MIT license and share it with all of you.

It uses bitmapdata to find overlapping pixels of display objects. Not a new idea, I realize, but I wrote mine out from scratch anyways to handle things the way I needed them handled. This allowed me to figure out a few other nifty features that I include in the kit. Here are the big ones that me and my beta testers/coworkers have been loving:

- Set an alpha threshold so that any pixels on a display object below that alpha won't be checked for collisions.
- Exclude colors and color ranges from collision detection.
- The kit can approximate the angle of a collision, allowing you to keep your physics convincing when colliding with odd/organic shapes. It took awhile to figure out a good way of doing this. It's my favorite part of the kit.
- The kit takes nesting into account, so it doesn't matter where your display objects are on the display list.
- Takes transforms into account for individual instances, so things like scaling, rotating, and performing color transforms on your objects are no problem.
- Works with all display objects: MovieClips, Sprites, TextFields (very cool), FLVs, etc.

I've created pre-compiled examples to show off these features and give you a better idea of what this package is capable of doing. They aren't terribly pretty, but they make it clear just what this kit can do. I also have all classes documented, available online and for download (includes some rudimentary source code examples).

Feedback is welcomed! I don't have a discussion list for this yet, but plan on adding that or a forum later this evening (via Google Code). In the meanwhile, post any questions you might have here. I hope this is of as much help to all of you as it has been for me!



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Hi Corey, welcome to the forums.

Looks pretty interesting, with some cool features. It will be interesting to see where you take it from here. Thanks for sharing and good work.
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Looks great, will give it a whirl!
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Thanks, fitz!
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Hi Corey,

This is some amazing stuff, I think there is a lot of potential here. I was wondering if you would be willing to give out some of the source code for your examples, particularly the Video example. I've played around trying to replicate it but can't seem to get my head around it. PM me if you wish. Thanks.
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Hey, skinnykid! I have received one or two requests like this, and I do plan on releasing the source code for the examples on my site. I hope to find the time to do that this weekend, at which point they'll be available both on my site and on Google Code.
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Hi Corey,
This is fantastic.

This is pretty much exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. I saw the gskinner variations ( and the AS3 port ) however they were fairly simple in nature, love the functionality that comes with this , esp. the angle of collision.

Will have to grab this when I get home from work and have a play.
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that looks awesome i will try that... thx soo much
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the example where you draw a line is actually buggy since some of the balls go through the line. There's a lot of tutorials out there for line rider type game that can show you how to fix that.
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Absolutely, ASWC. I've been wanting to correct that example, it's just a matter of finding the time (and then remembering I wanted to do that). Hectic schedules and such. Thanks for pointing it out, though! Maybe I'll remember to take care of it now...
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