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Chukka john
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Default DVD of web site

This is my first post so please excuse me if I am posted in the wrong place.

Hope someone there can give me advice.

I have made a site called classicalmusicproject.com/indexmay4.html which basically is a course in classical music (akin to the music apprecaition course many of us took in college). A person going to it could buy accompanying cd's (http://www.classicalmusicproject.com...stabelized.htm) and if he/she performs the activities there on the site would come out with a vast knowledge of the most familiar classical music pieces, by 40 of the most famous classical music composers.

Problem is bandwidth. There are so many activities, swf, mp3, etc files that would have to load unto a person's computer that it would cost me a fortune paying for bandwidth.

Thus, I would like to put the whole site onto a dvd that I would sell to people and only representative activities would remain on the old site itself.

Phew..finally to the propblem (sorry for the verbal diarrhea)

Could I actually put this whole thing onto a dvd and have some kind of install program install the whole site to a person's harddrive? Could I include with it a copy of internet explorer that would run the html files (everything is in Html with embedded swf files and powerpoint presentations), and for Mac users a copy of Safari (I know I would have to get rid of the Powrpoint presentations because Safari won't run them as of now...but I have head BTW that future versions will use the IE engine) ? OR should I have the whole thing just run from the dvd, including the forementioned browsers?

The course actually has 4 cd's of music that come with it (that's the part a person fromerly had to buy). Could I put each one of this cd's onto the dvd and call each of them a tract. Could then a person pop the cd into a dvd player or his computer and play the the music cd's by going to it's tract on the dvd?

Don't want to ask too many questions.

Can anyone give me advice there?

Thanks so much in advance,

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