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Angry how do I make movie clips invisible on load?

I had this going before but I forget now, and I'm up real late and its really pissing me off.

Lets say I have a box and I dont want it to be seen when the movie starts. I name its symbol box and its instance name box1

I have frame actions box up and I double click "evaluate" and then choose box1 from the target browse function.

immediately after _root.box1 I insert _visible=false;

so it says


But when I preview my movie it isn't working. HELP!!! Its eating my up.
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I find it best if you make your object a movie clip and inside that movie clip the first frame is empty with a Stop(); action inside it.

When you want this object to be seen you can just instruct the movie clip to gotoAndStop (2);

hope this makes sense
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Buzza's suggestion is a good one for a non-script way of hiding clips. It's also a great way to keep backwards compatibility if yer publishing down to things like *shudder* F4.

The movieclip object does indeed have a _visible property that works like a dream. To get it to work all you'd need to do is something like:

_root.stick._visible = false;

Without that period there it treats your statement as a variable assignment:

_root.stick_visible = false;
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Default If that doesn't work

maybe the instance of "stick" mC is not actually in the timeline, by the time you go _root.stick._visible=false;

check your load order (publish settings/ load order: "top to bottom"?) maybe::
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