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Default Saving Game

I'm readin' about what you would do to save information of a Flash, like if you wanted to save a game, and I saw that some people are sayin' you can either save the information by saving it to a cookie, or saving to a server.

I have a server, but is there an advantage to having it save a certain way?

Also, can someone explain to me how you would save to a server?
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Cookie means SharedObject but the problem with this solution is that the user can keep the SharedObject from being saved on his/her computer so basicaly you can't assume that this solution will work every time. Server means sending information from Flash to a server side script (PHP, Coldfusion) that will in turn save the information either to a database or by creating a flat file like a text file or XML file. In both solutions you can read the information when your movie starts and then save it anytime while the movie runs.
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