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Default Smart Tree Component...

I am using the flash provided tree component to display some data...it basically consists of categories, and vendors who belong in these categories...it took me some time to figure out...but I was finally able to get the parent node in the tree to close, when another was opened...but now I need to implement sub categories within the categories...some may have sub cats some may not....and this makes it difficult for me because with the current implementation, when you click a cat with sub cats it opens and displays the sub cats...but when you click the sub cat...it closes the parent cat rendering the category invisible until you open the parent cat again...is there an easy way to overcome this? Also I may even have sub sub cats...which would be inside the sub cats...ugg!

Here is an example of my XML...
    <node label="Book Vendor" data="2,3,10,5,6,7,8,9,22,35,39,40,46">
        <node label="Sub Cat1" data="2,3,10,5,6,7,8,9">
            <node label="ABC Company" data="2,3"/>
            <node label="ACT" data="10,5,6,7,8,9"/>
        <node label="Sub Cat2" data="22,35">
            <node label="Francott Oasis" data="22"/>
            <node label="NSE" data="35"/>
        <node label="Sub Cat3" data="39,40,46">
            <node label="Nunt Melon Seed House Inc." data="39,40"/>
            <node label="Porter and Sons" data="46"/>
        <node label="Fresh Food Freight" data="36,37,38,52,58">
        <node label="Nugget" data="36,37,38"/>
        <node label="Swanson" data="52"/>
        <node label="Train Liner" data="58"/>

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